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    With constrained time and restricted spending, it bodes well to go on a guided ride. More time and cash would enable you to ride with a guide who is a local that will assist you to locate a horse to lease, negotiate costs and assist with correspondences en route.

    Few explorers willing risk and with a lot of time can attempt to purchase a stallion and offer it when they are finished voyaging. Purchasing a horse has its difficulties. Where to purchase, the amount to pay, how to characterize a decent horse, what courses to take, how to locate water in transit, how to maintain a strategic distance from horse burglary, what to do when your stallion falls flat, how to pack your possessions and how to sell toward the finish of your experience are all inquiries that require genuine consideration.

    Horse riding areas and courses

    With regards to riding horses in Kyrgyzstan, essentially anyplace is incredible outside of Bishkek and Osh. Still, a few spots are superior to others, and the accompanying is some excellent spots where horse rides and yurt stays are anything but difficult to arrange. In case you are in the area in July, do not miss the At Chabysh horse celebration at Peak Lenin.

    Sarychelek national reserve has stunning lakes on high mountains encompassed by thick woodlands and nuts timberlands. Primary passageway is in Arkyt Village. It is conceivable to reach there by foot, or on a horse, it is from the neighboring Kara-Suu valley or Talas valley.

    Sol Kol (3013 meters) is a lake surrounded by mountains with jailoos in summer. From Kyzyl Art to Song Kol lake takes 1 to 3 days. There are many horseback riding courses joining the locale.

    Alay, in the south of Kyrgyzstan, offers horse riding around icy masses, high rough mountains covered with the slopes of chasms shrouded in pine trees and a stream thundering down beneath. On the south region, you may find a vast field along the foot of Lenin pinnacle (7134 meters).

    Karakol area, near the eastern shore of the Issyk Kul Lake. It is otherwise called Terskey Ala-Too mountain range (approximately 5100 meters). The range offers a captivating trip on horseback. It is conceivable to traverse 3800 meters there, yet you must be well fit and arranged for genuine adventure.

    Chong Kemin is a section of a national park found north of Issyk Kul Lake. The north side is full of pine timberlands, while the south is dry, offering huge green fields and snowfields. High elevation horse-riding is accessible there.

    Arslanbob has the greatest walnut backwoods on the planet. Decent landscape, lakes, mountains. Nonetheless, you cannot encounter Kyrgyz nomadic way of life, since most shepherds live in the hovels down in the small villages. They likewise have great three to four days horse riding visits around the town, and some more drawn out courses that go up to Toktogul area and Kazerman city.

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