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    Domesticating and milking stallions began in Kazakhstan thousands of years back and proceeded right up ’til today, so it would appear Kazakhstan is a natural base for a horse riding ventures. To be sure, horses are a major part of the way of life, and you can locate them anywhere once outside of the huge urban areas. With constrained time and expenditure, a horse riding tour is likely an ideal approach.

    In case you have additional time and might want to strike out all alone, you can sort out to lease a horse yourself with the assistance of a local interpreter or guide in case you do not speak their dialect. In case you are arranging a major, seasons-long horse ride through Kazakhstan, you should think about purchasing horses.

    Horse riding areas and courses

    Horse riding in this beautiful country is best in the north, east and south of the nation. These regions are diverse compared to other regions, and there are more water sources for the horses and not forgetting that grazing here is superb. Natural parks are the primary option for some individuals. However, these can be costly in some cases. Wherever that is of visitor interest in the country will more often than not have a few horses for lease.

    The west and the center of the nation are comprised of immense territories of steppe and deserts. Despite the fact that this may sound extremely sentimental, the fact is that of a very harsh horse ride, just for the hardest, most experienced riders and stallions.

    Sayram-Ugam: Mear to Aksu-Zhabagly however unpopular, a comparable blend of mountains, warm-blooded animals, and birds.

    Kokshetau: In the north of Kazakhstan, a serene characteristic park with appealing flora and fauna.

    Aksu-Zhabagly: Well-known national park in the country, with tourist programs that are well managed.

    Katon-Karagay: The remote Altai mountains in the upper east of Kazakhstan.

    Kolsai Lakes: Not a long way from Almaty, three ideal lakes encompassed by mountains are associated with stallion trails.

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