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    While all of the Transcaucasian states are worth checking out, and many of them include snowmobiling, Kazakhstan has a rare jewel: Burabai or Borovoe, in Northern Kazakhstan. It’s like the Switzerland of the region. It has majestic mountains, tall pine forests, and stunning lakes. It’s a wonderful place for those looking for a bit of relaxing tourism. It’s peaceful and quiet, and the restorative beauty of the natural surroundings is enough to draw people to the area and keep them wanting to come back for more.

    Something you can do in Borovoe is stay in a luxurious resort and have the chance to go snowmobiling. If you like speed, but don’t want the hassle and danger of skiing or snowboarding, then snowmobiling is just right for you! You get the speed and excitement of gliding across the beautiful white snow and get to see a lot of different areas in a shorter amount of time. But, even if you don’t like snowmobiling, there are plenty of other winter sports available in the area.

    In the winter, this area is all covered in white, and since there are plenty of ski slopes in the area, it is easy to find ski and snowmobile rentals in the area. Grab a snowmobile and head out into the wilderness of northern Kazakhstan! Borovoe Lake is a sight to see in its frozen state. It is known for the granite island in the middle which is also called the “Mystery Stone”. Tourists to the area like to walk around it to enjoy the peaceful beauty of the shiny, ice-covered lake, but this is a great spot to ride the snowmobile! Also, there are plenty of peaks around such as Burabay and Berkut that are great for climbing, and there are some areas drivable for the snowmobile.

    The snowmobile is the perfect choice for the relaxed tourist who is looking for a nice holiday but also needs a chance to relax. It’s a great way to see the sights and enjoy the beauty of the countryside but to be able to do it in a restful way. So, pack up your bags, and travel to northern Kazakhstan to go for a bit of a winter holiday with a mixture of winter walks, sledding, skiing, and of course, snowmobiling! Head to Borovoe and the surrounding area for a taste of the Switzerland of the region and the peace and beauty it has to offer!

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