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    Georgians are the ones having their roots in one of the most ancient civilizations in the world.

    Georgia faced many invaders and wars during its history an proved its spirit ready to face every danger. But some excavations at the end of the 20est century prove that Georgia might be the one that stays at the beginning of one of the richest industries in the world- wine industry.

    Georgians believe that the moderate consumption of wine is the key to having a good health conditions and to live for hundreds of years.

    It is hard to believe that a small country that is considered to be the gate between east and west is the cradle of wine, but Georgia is having actually all the necessaries for that.

    Georgia’s climate is able to help many type of grapes come to the world and transform into a delicious wine, moreover, 500 species of grape are growing now in Georgia with more than 40 of these being used in commercial wine production.

    Another thing you should know about wine in general is that even the word we use to call this old and adored liquid- “wine”, is also of Georgian origin, basically, it comes from the old Georgian word “gvino” and is still used in Georgian language nowadays.

    You can ask yourself: beneath the specific climate and the linguistic origins of the wine which have their roots apparently in this country in the heart of Caucasus, what else make us believe that it is the birthplace of wine?

    There is an archaeological discovery that suggests the presence of a very unique ancient Georgian wine-making instrument placed underground which dates as early as 4000 BC. This instrument is used for at least 6000 years now, and it is called Qveri, an egg-shaped vessel, buried below ground or set into the floors of large wine cellars and used for fermentation, storage and ageing of the traditional Georgian wine.

    Nowadays there are remained only 5 crafters able to produce Qveri vessels in the world, and this industry, of Qveri production is under the risk of extinction in the close future, though the government is trying to open some sort of schools and popularize this crafting, as well as making it one of the countries specifics.

    But this is not the only one wine making tradition in Georgia, the tradition of semi sweet wines, which are both red and white sorts. The most famous of them are Kindzmarauli, Ojaleshi, Pirosmani and the favourite of Joseph Stalin- Khvanchkara.

    Traditionally the grapes for these wines are made in mountainous areas where the climate prevents the fermentation, so the wines remain sweet.

    Want other reason than trying the best wine in the world do you need to visit Georgia?

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