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    Hello! We have made this forum for free discussion of issues related to travel in the Silk Road countries. If you are going to visit Central Asia or the Caucasus, and you have any questions on these countries, create new topics and forum participants or administration of Silk Road Explore will help you to find the right information.

    There are some rules that we ask you to comply, otherwise we will be forced to terminate your access to the forum and delete your messages. Forum Rules are very simple:

    1. Respect the forum participants
    2. Do not use profanity in messages
    3. Do not write aggressive posts
    4. Do not advertise the services of travel agencies, except SRE
    5. Do not spam

    If you want to share a positive travel experience in Central Asia or the Caucasus, we will be happy to see photos from your trip.

    If you want to share negative experiences from your travels, to warn those who are planning to go on your route, please use more facts and less personal emotions.

    We hope that the forum will be useful to you :heart:

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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