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    Armenia is full of history and beautiful monasteries, so today we would love to tell you more about the legendary monastery of Tatev.

    Out on the street the first impressive air, the gentle breeze and unique nature. Right road climbs to the village of Tatev, the left – path down to the gates of the monastery and the fairy tale overlooking the gorge.

    And now gradually immersed in the history and life of the monastery, which in the 13th century there was in full swing, and filled the hearts of not only lived here, but the walls and the space itself around. After the monastery was one of the most famous in Armenia. When there was a pagan temple, but with the advent of Christianity (301-303) it was removed, it was also a place of pilgrimage, first Martyr Eustace, and then many others, deeply faithful.

    The monastery’s name can be translated as”Give wings”. According to folk tales architect – builder standing on the edge of the gorge said … “May God grant the Holy Spirit Wings” and rushed into the abyss. The architect didn’t die because some wings were grown so he built a monastery and called it Tatev.

    Amazing place to build a monastery chose our ancestors – it is located on a cliff directly above a deep chasm, in the courtyard there is a soft spot with delicious and clean water, the old pear under which you can find a priest Michael (he Archimandrite – high rank with the vow of celibacy), who sits always in the company of a large number of parishioners and children. He is a man of great kindness, he pays attention to anyone who comes to him.

    It used to have the largest Matenadaran (library), stables, a huge room where monks and students were schooled, there is also a kitchen and refectory and bakery priests and cells with a wonderful view of the gorge. But the main asset of Tatev is still the church, three beautiful churches, preserved and brought before us.

    You will need a lot of time to enter and see all the rooms, churches and types. All this is accompanied by history and stories about how there lived, about the life and cultural affairs of the  monastery and much more.

    Tatev monastery will leave a lasting impression and a juicy trail in the heart of everyone who was there, it is one of the places where your spirit will find the harmony it looked for a long time.

    Travel Armenia with our professionals and don’t stop listening to our stories!

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