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    When you are in Turkmenistan the thing you here the most is “carpets” the world “carpet” for a tourist is almost a synonym to the name of the country and it is not accidentally. These national carpets have their own national holiday and even a ministry!  So let’s get more inside about the carpets in general and where exactly you can find some nice ones!


    It is said that the ornaments are older than 5000 years and are similar to the ornaments on the ceramic vases from the same period. In the antiquity the carpets where produced not for decoration, but more for warming up the yurts or for replacing the doors, or even for decoration of the camels.


    The Turkmen carpets are made out of natural wool and natural colorants always. They are natural with an extreme warming property and full of national spirit.

    Famous for:

    There are many reasons that this carpet is famous for. First of all it’s very beautiful, natural, thin and amazingly warm. Every tribe has its own specific ornament and style of carpets.
    Secondly, in 2003 a huge 301 sq. meters Turkmen carpet was recognised by the fellows from Guinness as the biggest one in the world. The Turkmen people love it, and even made a holiday for it.


    As mentioned previously, there’s even a holiday dedicated to the national carpet and its divine meaning for all the citizens of the country. For us, westerners, it might sound a bit crazy, but not for Turkmen people. The ornaments from the carpet are even on their flag, as it symbolizes the power and prosperity of the nation.
    If it’s not enough for you, well, there’s even a ministry of carpet, its name is Turkmenhaly, it is a national governmental corporation which is responsible for the producing and export of the genuine handmade carpets all around the world. The president of this corporation is named only by the President of the Country.
    And for the last but not least important, there’s even the Turkmen Carpet Museum situated in Ashgabat, where you can find the largest collection of carpets in the world, it is even recognized by the Guinness World Records as the largest hand-woven carpet museum in the world.

    Where to buy?

    For the end everyone is probably asking himself where to buy this beauty. Well, the official representative abroad is the Ministry of Carpet- Turkmenhaly. If you are already in Turkmenistan then you can buy them from the Museum which is again a recognised as the official authority and its shop is the official dealer. Though, the best and much cheaper carpets can be found at Tolkuchka Bazaar in the city of Ashgabat.

    Don’t forget to admire this extraordinary symbol of one of the most beautiful Asian Countries, Turkmenistan

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