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    Azerbaijan is also called Land of Fire, and it is not only because they are a very passionate nation, but also because this is the actual translation of the name from Old Persian.

    Now let’s come up with some cool facts about the Land of Fire.

    1.           Azerbaijan Nightlife
    The Nightlife in Baku is one of the craziest in the world, actually, according to many travellers, here you can have a crazy party during the night, and an easy recovery in the morning, it is the party capital of Caucasus.
    2.           Fire everywhere
    It was discovered that the first known fireplace and construction in human history were here, in Azikh Cave (which is by the way the largest cave in Azerbaijan), here you can find a very rare natural wonder- the Burning Mountain, because of the natural gas, it is burning all the year long.
    3.           Unique cities
    Azerbaijan travel is the best travel, here you can find the most unbelievable locations and caves, for example only here exist a city built on stilts, it is called Neft Daşları, it is a real city with small shops, hotels, hostels and cultural area, the only difference is that it is in the Caspian Sea on stilts. Another example of Unique city is the capital itself, Baku, you can even float in it, on Venice boulevard, which is literally just like Venice.
    4.            Oil Spa
    Oil and natural gas didn’t only make this country richer, but as well gave it a very strange habit. Before the discovering of big oil reserves in the Middle East, Azerbaijan was having more than half of the world oil reserves. People were almost worshipping the oil, here is where the Naftalan Spa appeared, it is basically a bath full of crude oil. Locals believe this type of spa can heal literally everything, therefore the procedure is pretty expensive, and accessible only to the richest of Azerbaijan.
    5.           Tea drinkers
    Everywhere, everyday, holiday or simple day, locals will drink tea, and even have dozens of sweets especially for this so called “tea ceremony”, it is a whole tea culture. First of all, you don’t put the sugar cube in the tea, but you hold it between your teeth and drink tea like this, secondly, you must drink it from a traditional glass, called armudu (a special pear-shaped glass). Enjoy the tea as it is, just remember to not add in it sugar or milk, it’s very uncommon for the region.

    6.           Mud Volcanoes everywhere
    Azerbaijan is the world leader in having Mud Volcanoes, it has more than every country on earth and for that it has a special place in the Guinness Book. In numbers, it would be about 400 volcanoes that erupt constantly and have a very specific smell, so in case you plan to visit some, just prepare yourself.

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