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    With this current technology, we can know do amazing things. We can fly through the air to countries on the other side of the world; we can send people into space, and we can know explore the deep realms of the sea, a giant pool of mystery. Some people are more drawn to the ocean than others, but who can resist the opportunity to learn how to dive and to dip oneself into the cool and exciting waters off the coast of Iran?

    Sadly, Iran is in an area of the world that is fraught with political conflict and tension, so people forget its immense beauty and numerous travel opportunities it has to offer. Iran’s diving hub is in the Persian Gulf, a bright and blue body of water that is just perfect for the traveling diver. The off shore islands of Kish and Qeshm are popular spots for all kinds of water sports. The internet is flooded with positive reviews of both of these islands, and the diving tour opportunities off the coast of Iran as well. Because of its geographical placement, it has large access to the gulf, and it draws tourists as well as good scuba diving instructors. Tourists can go and start their journey to getting their PADI certification. The equipment is good quality, and there are amazing things to see! In the Persian Gulf there is a stunning coral reef, brilliant blue water, and hundreds of species of fish and other marine creatures.

    If you’re just getting started in the diving world, then Iran is the place to go to get good beginner training. Instructors will be kind, patient, and helpful, and you’ll get a quality instruction. Plus, if you want to ease into it, the islands off the coast of Iran are also known for other water sports such as snorkeling, sailing, and jetskiing, just to name a few. Join in on a group dive tour for the best overall experience. With a group package diving tour, they will sort out your food and accommodation and travel. Not only will you get the chance to dive, but the tour may also stop at other sites, historical or simply beautiful. You will get a more in-depth experience in Iran as well as love and enjoy the diving experience! But, if you’re an experienced scuba diver and are PADI certified, then simply head to Iran’s coast to hitch a ride to the offshore islands, and you won’t be disappointed. You’ll find plenty of opportunities to head into the shimmery and amazing depths of the Persian  Gulf.

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