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    Bukhara is a museum-city in Uzbekistan, it’s unique by the single fact that here you can find more than 140 architectural monuments, all in one place.  It’s one of the most important cultural and religious sites of the whole Silk Road.

    Bukhara is more than 4000 years old

    With the origin of the city are connected many various legends. One legend tells that the king’s son Siyavush arrived in Bukhara, married the daughter of the king Afrasiab and built a fortress Ark.

    Alexander the Great contributed to it

    In ancient times Bukhara was a part of one of the regions of Central Asia – Sogd, where the urban structure has been developed in the time of Alexander the Great. There are different versions of the origin of the city name as well, according to one version, the word “Bukhara” means “Monastery”, according to another – “abode of knowledge.”

    Used to be the settlement of the kings

    Near the town was located the ancient settlement of Varakhsha, known for its wall paintings, representing scenes of hunting cheetahs. Centre of Bukhara is the Ark fortress, where rulers and their approximate used to live. Through Bukhara I ran the Great Silk Road. There were more than 60 caravans, which housed merchants from India, China, Iran and other countries.

    The city goes vertically

    During its existence, many times the city had to confront the wild desert sands, which was sometimes “eating” the whole city and hiding it deep inside. Right now, the scientists have proofs that 20m under the modern city there are remainings of another Bukhara, the one that was about 3000 years ago, and as a proof they show the coins and the ceramic vessels that they found during the excavations.

    It was ruled by a woman

    In the 7th century it was ruled by a very powerful woman, called Khatun, for 15 whole years, before her son came to power. She was one of the first famous rulers of Bukhara, because she is the one who started to grow the city and make it even more powerful, therefore, soon after her reign it became one of the most powerful cities in the Central Asia.

    People can talk infinitely about Bukhara, it has a lot of magic both in its name and walls, but this is one of the most important things about the Silk Road, it is old, full of history and inspiration, so explore it with us for more adventures and quality trips!

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