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    Regardless of the way that it is by all accounts in the news practically each and every day, China – inconceivably immense and fascinatingly diverse – remains a destination of travel with a certain mystique. As fascinating as that seems, it additionally makes making a trip to China surprisingly an unfathomably overwhelming prospect. To assist you to venture into this lovely country, below are travel to China tips:

    Destroy the language barrier

    The first and most essential travel to China tip is breaking the language barrier. It is important and advisable that attempt to learn a few phrases and words before you go to China. When you leave for China, don’t forget to bring any if not a few of this. They will prove to be quite helpful

    • Chinese-to-English and English-to-Chinese pocket dictionary
    • Translator application
    • The Mandarin Chinese phrasebook

    Despite all of the above, you should always remember to carry with you Chinese-language business cards of the hotel where you will be residing or of spots one wishes to visit so you can show to passers-by, cab drivers, transport conductors and so forth.

    Focus your itinerary

    Because China is a massive country with many of the world’s largest cities, with the world’s biggest mountains, big deserts, and the never-ending grasslands, you will require months of severe travel even to commence to do justice to it. Therefore instead of just skimming the surface of China, select one province or region and explore it to the fullest of your abilities.

    Consider the weather during your time of travel

    This is another significant travel to China tip. Despite the fact that there is no place in the world that you can enjoy perfect weather throughout the year, there are regions in China that you can enjoy the ideal weather for travel throughout the year. Get to know where it is hot or where is not in the month you desire to travel so as to avoid travel that is a wind-beaten blowout or just a damp squib. Autumn and spring are the most comfortable season to visit various regions.

    Use public transport for traveling within China

    Do away with the taxis and the airplanes. Use buses or bikes or even trains to travel and see how the locals see China.

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