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    Kyrgyzstan is a country in Central Asia that is situated between two countries namely Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan just west of China. Amongst the continuous and the never-ending mountain ranges in Kyrgyzstan, there are many water bodies for example lakes and rivers in the country. Thus Kyrgyzstan is the most vibrant country in Central Asia. A tourist cannot tour Kyrgyzstan without visiting the alpine lakes which are different sizes. Most of the alpine lakes provide excellent boating chances to the visitors, and one should make sure not to miss the boat tours during their trip to Kyrgyzstan.

    Types of boat trips

    Any boat tour in Kyrgyzstan will always involve the renting of anything ranging from a rowboat to a powerboat, to a tugboat to a smaller version of a yacht. A Boat tour can go for one to two hours depending on the course taken. One main thing that should be clear is that there is no age limit for the passengers.

    Best boating trip season

    The best season for any boat tour is between the months of April to October.

    Where is boat touring offered in Kyrgyzstan?

    Lake Issyk Kul, which is the largest lake in Kyrgyzstan, is the best and the most popular lake for boat riding. Lake Issyk Kul has many options when it comes to boating, and it provides a massive water body thus enabling enjoyment easily. There are other popular destinations for boat tours including Lake Kel-Suu, Lake Sary Chelek and Lake Song Kul amongst many other alpine lakes.

    Lakes Sary Chelek and Song Kul are isolated lakes, but in the warmer months, a lot of people visit them. Both are well-known destinations for boat tours. The environment around Lake Sary Chelek is immaculate since it is in a biosphere reserve. Lake Song Kul is located amidst mountain pasture lands which are usually used by the herders during the summer season.

    Lake Kel-Suu is situated close to the Chinese border. It is very remote and not visited by many. It, however, has a mysterious atmosphere that encourages boat tours.

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