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    In Soviet times, Azerbaijan was called “Soviet Persia”, although with Iran, it has nothing in common except that Shia Islam. Much more it is similar to Turkey or the United Arab Emirates, because the major income the country receives from the sale of oil.

    With the Turks Azerbaijanis brings similar language and, above all, the secular nature of the state. Which all the travellers adore, you can buy alcohol in any store, even during the holy month of Ramadan. You most probably won’t meet many women on the street wearing scarves, however, the attempts to pick up an Azerbaijani girl better shall be left home, that’s the eastern mentality and education.

    Azerbaijani hospitality

    Azerbaijan is one of the rare category of countries whose population is just obsessed with hospitality. If you have nothing to eat and nowhere to sleep, do not sweat it – sooner or later you will be asked to visit and fed so that the next day you will look at the food full of disgust. To do this, simply go outside with a bag, and coveted “Hey, brother!” You will hear very soon. However, women in Azerbaijan better pay attention and not go alone, as sometimes it might be a bit dangerous or someone simply won’t understand you the right way.

    Only at first glance it seems that Azerbaijan is not having much places for sightseeing. Though, to be sincere, sometimes only Baku alone needs at least 3-4 days for a visit. Curiously, the classical “oriental flavor” in the architecture of cities in the country are not so much – for this, you still have to travel to Arab countries. In Azerbaijan, there was a dangerous mix of European and Asian, religious and secular: with mosques in Baku’s old town skyscrapers coexist Flame Towers. In Nakhichevan just a kilometer from the mausoleum of November is grandiose museum of the late President Heydar Aliyev. On the beaches of Lankaran men and women may be forced to bathe separately (in Baku, just say, it is impossible) – but a hundred meters from the coast you can buy a beer.

    It is truly a country in the middle of two big religions and lifestyles, though it coexisted peacefully for many hundreds of years now and most probably you won’t even feel them too much on your skin.

    The Land Of Fire is always welcoming and classy, and one of the most hospitable nations in the world, don’t forget to check our tours on the site for more information about how to get into it!

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