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    Georgian cuisine is perhaps one of the most famous attraction of the country. Since the traditional Georgian feast is already an integral part of the overall culture of the country, the Georgian food is forced to respect this rule at to be at the required high level.

    Georgians succeeded in making their cuisine not just magically delicious, but also a bright, original, elegant, unique and absolutely unforgettable. Therefore, Georgian cuisine has absorbed and combined the best culinary traditions of many nations of the Caucasus, as well as Asia and the Black Sea.

    The western part of Georgia was powerfully influenced in its cuisine by the Turkish kitchen, while in the east by Iran. Therefore, you can find absolutely different food in the two extremes of the country, for example in western Georgia widespread tortillas made from corn flour – mchadi, while in eastern Georgia prefer wheat bread baked in huge clay jugs.

    The eastern regions used to boil thick corn porridge gomi and eat it instead of bread with both meat and vegetables. As well in the east the people prefer lot of meat, and especially lot of animal origin fats, while in the western people prefer to reduce the animal consumption and eat only vegetable and occasionally turkey or chicken.

    But the westerners have very good choices regarding the replacement of the meat, they are having a very special relationship with cheeses. In western, they prefer fresh cheeses, like suluguni  and imereti.  The easterners are also making cheese but mostly very spicy and salty, like kobyisky or tush.

    The other beloved aspect of a Georgian feast are the sauces. Georgian cuisine offers a variety of acute and sour sauces. Among the acidic juices are the main raw material and plum pulp, blackthorn, pomegranate, blackberry, dogwood or barberry. Juice boiled to a third or a half, and add herbs and spices. Another frequent ingredient in sauces are coriander, garlic and walnuts. A special festive sauce is bazhi, which is considered a very spicy sauce of pounded walnuts with garlic and wine vinegar, served with meat and fish. From plums tkemali is cooked the dried sauce tklapi. It looks like a pancake not more than 3 mm thick and stored in dried form. At the right moment it is thrown into hot water or broth. It is an indispensable element in the famous soup kharcho.

    We could discuss about it infinitely, in essence, there’s only one type of Georgian cuisine, for the guest of honour, there will be prepared only the most delicious dishes needed with the freshest ingredients, with the spiciest sauces, and the most flavoured condiments, spices and fresh herbs …

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