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    Called “The Pearls of the Silk Routes” by unoriginal marketing specialists, the medieval landmarks of Tashkent, Samarkand, Bukhara, and Khiva are the primary reason visitors tour Uzbekistan. It is somewhat of a misnomer, however, since the Silk Route itself had stopped to exist hundreds of years before these urban cities came up to unmistakable quality.

    In any case, that is simply nit-picking. Together, these four urban towns are a representation of medieval Islamic design at its best. Just the block enchantment of Esfahan outperforms them.

    Who is it for? How to design a trek?

    The Silk Route towns of Uzbekistan are a destination for the way of life maven. More seasoned travelers, with or without a tour package, appreciate it most. Customers, picture takers and tourists with an inclination for architecture, artworks, and history are going to like it. Backpackers, then again, are once in a while frustrated. They discover these towns are too perfectly re-established, excessively occupied with visitors. Particularly backpackers who have recently arrived from Iran are probably going to experience the ill effects of madrassah exhaustion.


    Samarkand: the name evokes every one of the tropes and sentiment of orientalism. In any case, nowadays Samarkand is a present day city of approximately half a million. An unmistakable border has been constrained onto the city, isolating the recreation center scene of the museum city (for guests), from the mahalla neighborhoods holed up behind high walls (for local people). The Registan and Shah-i-Zinda are as yet dazzling.


    Also known as the Eastern Dome of Islam, the city was constantly known as a location of learning. Indeed, even before the emergence of Islam, Buddhist religious communities were teaching individuals here. Islam is still highly dreaded in Uzbekistan, and many of the madrassahs nowadays have shut down or been changed over to historical centers.

    The internal city is overwhelmed by vast groups of touring and the administration business obliging them, yet Bukhara remains Uzbekistan’s most adorable city. Notwithstanding touristification, it has held quite a bit of its enchantment, best inspected on early-morning walks around maintain a strategic distance from the warmth and alternate guests.


    The desert khanate of Khiva opposed Russian colonization until 1873. Incredibly, the customary architecture inside its walled city has remained totally in place, with some shocking cases of medieval Islamic engineering protected. It is presently an exhibition hall city saved for tourism (new Khiva is worked outside the walled city). It additionally fills in as the awesome style for local wedding recordings.

    Off the beaten track

    Shahrisabz, the seat of Tamerlane’s energy, got the Samarkand treatment in 2015 and is present as yet been arranged. A yurt-stay in the Kyzylkum desert and a homestay in the Nuratau mountains are the most straightforward approaches to include some nature and connection with local people to an excursion overwhelmed by recorded sights.

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