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    We all love Pandas and Chinese food, and sometimes wrongly assume that we know absolutely everything about this Central Asian country, which is though by far true, so let’s see the next 10 facts that will seem pretty weird or at least unusual for the way we use to see China.

    China is to blame for 29% of air pollution in San Francisco

    In China there are very serious problems with smog and air pollution, and she generously shares them with the rest of the planet, by polluting all of it.

    In China, more people speak English than in the USA

    This is true, there are more English speakers here in China, than in US, more than that, the biggest Chinese diaspora is also in US.

    China’s population is really enormous

    If all the Chinese people get to go in front of you lined up in one column, then it will never end because of the reproduction rate of the population. Demographic problems and the problem of population growth – are the most acute in China.

    Chinese love to build

    In order to take a multi-million army of builders and to maintain high rates of economic growth, China is building dozens of cities.

    The result of the construction boom are ghost towns, where no one lives, as well as a record consumption of cement and other building materials.

    The most beautiful places on earth are here

    Yangshuo, a small city in Guangxi province, is famous for its kart hills and considered the most beautiful in China and one of the most beautiful places on the planet. The best way to admire its beauty is being in a balloon.

    The longest traffic jam

    The longest ever traffic jam, happened in China and it stretched for almost 100 kilometers and resorbed only 11 days.

    It was formed in August 2010, on the road linking Beijing with Mongolia.

    By 2025, China will have 10 cities the size of New York.

    The population over 10 years, demographers projected to increase by another 350 million. Man.

    All the pandas living in the world, are Chinese.

    The only pandas that are beyond the boundaries of China, leased by the Chinese authorities. If in a foreign country they are born cubs, they are also considered to be the property of Beijing.

    In international politics, there is even a term – “panda diplomacy”.

    You can sleep in IKEA

    In China, all the  visitors of IKEA stores are allowed to rest and sleep on selling furniture.

    Chinese are workaholics. They work very hard and need to rest.

    This is all about China, don’t forget to look through our tours around China and enjoy your Silk Road adventure!

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