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    That’s right—it’s a country! Not just an American state. This amazing little country is tucked away next to Russia, Azerbaijan, Turkey, and Armenia. It has a western coastline along the Black Sea, and it’s considered to be on the Asian continent. Since it earned its independence from Russia in 1991, it’s been growing as a tourist destination. But, one of the main attractions is of course the capital: Tbilisi, Georgia. And there are things you’ve simply GOT to see in this beautiful place. So, come and visit Georgia to check out the following stunning destinations:

    • Agmashenebeli Avenue. The architecture in Tbilisi is simply breathtaking. Come take a stroll down this beautiful and famous street for a good look at the interestingly designed buildings.
    • Holy Trinity Cathedral. Who doesn’t love to come visit a stunning, ornate church when traveling? Come check out the view of this tall cathedral (which is one of the tallest in the world), complete with gardens, and underground areas.
    • Narikala. This commanding building is an old fortress from the 4th century. It towers over the city, and is worth seeing. Its power and stance give the city a kind of old strength and displays the city’s history proudly.
    • The Dry Bridge. This is great for tourists! Touring in Georgia is not complete unless you head to the market to check out the kind of handcrafts and other paraphernalia that are symbols of this old country. It’s open daily from ten to five, and is a must-see.
    • Old Tbilisi District. Last but not least, it’s imperative that tourists head to the old district. This is where the vibe of the city of the past can be felt in its old streets, ancient architecture, and natural hot springs. Go to one of the local bathhouses for a relaxing and refreshing sulfur bath.

    There is plenty more to see and experience in this wonderful city: monuments, museums, and delicious restaurants. Sometimes tiny countries such as this one, are forgotten, when in fact they are such unique treasures! So, hire a Georgia travel guide or buy a book and a map and plan the trip yourself! You won’t be disappointed with all it has to offer. Take a chance. Book a flight to visit the country of Georgia, check out Tbilisi, and delve into a culture and a country that will leave you wanting to come back for more.

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