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    Iran is the neighbor of Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and across the water from the famous Dubai, residing in the United Arab Emirates. This country is known for its rugged landscapes and awe-inspiring beauty, but sadly, many people are nervous to head out that way. That’s due to all of the tension and wars that have been fought in this part of the world, and there is a lot of tension here as well. But, not only can Americans go and travel there freely, but more tourists are heading there because Iran’s secrets are starting to get out. What is so great about Iran?

    Check this out:

    •  70% of the science and engineering students in this country are WOMEN. What??? People are probably confused at this. Many associate Islam with restriction, especially for women. But, here women are encouraged to follow their studies, even in this area.
    • Mullets are illegal. Yes, this is pretty crazy and interesting. But, do we not all agree at this brilliant idea? Yes, please keep mullets OUT. There are certain “appropriate” haircuts that people are allowed to sport.
    • Homosexuality is against the law, but oddly, sex changes are not. They are perfectly legal and many people follow through with these surgeries. Iran is only behind Thailand for the highest amount of people who have a sex change in the world.
    • Family planning is highly encouraged in this country. This is shocking due to what people usually think of when they think of Islam. But Iran is considered more modern and forward-thinking.
    • The Dizin ski resort could be the next Alps, or the next great skiing holiday spot for tourists. It has great snow, good prices, is under two hours from the capital, Iran, and is one of the highest skiing resorts in the world! Many tourists flock to this area, but it’s the Americans that are a bit hesitant. Due to the past history, they aren’t as eager to head to this country. But, if eventually that changes, they could go and enjoy an excellent skiing holiday in Iran. Who would have thought?

    Iran is a beautiful and culturally rich country with an incredible history. Remnants of its religious past still linger, especially from Judaism, Christianity, and of course, Islam. Sadly, this country is located in the heart of the current Middle Eastern conflict, and that will continue to put a damper on Iran tourism until that subsides. One day, perhaps the world will recognize the hot tourist destination that Iran is! What an amazingly interesting place with all kinds of sightseeing food for hungry tourists!

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