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    Kyrgyzstan is a country in Central Asia that is situated between two countries namely Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan just west of China. It is well known for its remote villages and alpine lakes, wandering nomads, endless mountain ranges, rugged passes and a lot of roaming horses. Amongst all the countries in Central Asia, the natural beauty in Kyrgyzstan is breathtaking, thus making it a hotspot tourist destination both for local and international travelers. The rugged and rebellious terrain is one of the major limitations for touring Kyrgyzstan but for the people who have the will to get to know more about Central Asia it means they are going to face this challenge meaning it will be hard for them to travel. The roads in Kyrgyzstan are not in good condition with majority of the road being just gravel and dirt. Therefore 4×4 off-road tours are the most efficient ways for travelers to arrive at the very remote destinations.

    4×4 off-road tours of different varieties are present to suit the travelers of Central Asia. Below are some of the 4×4 off-road trips in Kyrgyzstan.

    Broad Stroke 4×4 Tours

    Tourists who want to explore the country to the fullest are well advised to take 4×4 road tours around Kyrgyzstan. It is recommended to begin the 4×4 tour in Bishkek and visit the village of yurt makers well known as Kyzyl Tuu, the alpine lake called Song Kul, Arslanbob which is a forest of walnuts that is natural growing and final an alpine lake known as the Sary-Chelek. This route hands you a chance to visit a lot of different areas in Kyrgyzstan since it covers a lot of ground.

    4×4 tours with a theme

    Travelers who like history can take a 4×4 tour and visit Tash Rabat and Koshoi Korgon. Tash Rabat is an old caravanserai. In the ancient days, it used to be the merchants’ safe heaven while they were passing through the Great Silk Road that is located close to the At-Bashi town.

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