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    This Silk Route country lies beneath Kazakhstan along the coast of the Caspian Sea. Due to its location, it has its own unique culture: a mixture of European and Middle Eastern vibes. And, this little country has a few secrets that those looking for exciting and adventurous holiday might find extremely tempting…

    · It has kind of a weird climate: Because of its geographical location, it has 4 seasons with extreme ends. For example, the summer can reach over 50 degrees Celsius and the winter can get below freezing, and snow will fall!

    · 80% of the country is covered by a desert: The Karakum Desert to be exact.

    · The literacy rate is astounding: While the US and other highly developed countries still struggle to achieve this kind of a literacy rate in their own citizens, this tiny Silk Route country tops them all with a 99.7% literacy rate.

    · They got height: In the capital, Ashgabat, there is a flagpole that reaches 133 meters. It is one of the tallest flagpoles in the world.

    · Corruption continues: it is one of the 6th most corrupt countries in the world.

    · Cotton abounds: It is also the 9th leader in the world for cotton production.

    · They are famous for their carpets: Turkmen carpets are internationally known for their beauty and craftsmanship. There is a whole museum in Ashgabat dedicated to this artistry. In that museum, there is the world’s largest handwoven carpet, which is 313 square meters.

    · They must love to fly: There are actually 26 public airports in this small country, which would make travel extremely accessible.

    · Internet isn’t so popular: Only about 1.56% of the population uses internet. Imagine! Sounds like it would make a nice getaway.

    · Poverty is a problem: Even though this country is 4th in the world for natural gas reserves, a majority of its people still live below the poverty line.

    This small country has its secrets, some perhaps not so great, but some that are simply incredible and many sights that are must-sees! Sometimes it’s the tiny countries that hold the most secrets or the most uniqueness, and Turkmenistan is no exception. So consider heading over to the east for a little tour of Turkmenistan and enjoy the beauty of the desert, the richness of the culture and its people, and the secrets it has kept so well hidden. But secrets make the adventure all the more exciting, don’t they?

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