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    The country of Georgia is one of the most beautiful in the world and further we’ll show some proofs. With this small Georgia Travel Guide.

    1. Georgia is extremely cheap once you get there, you can eat a month everything you can for just 300$!!! And that’s not the minimal price, because for Georgians a guest is a God-given gift, so they will bring all the best food they can and feed you, feed you and feed you again.

    2. Wine! It is the birthplace of wine! Even if you are not a wine-lover you will become one in Georgia, you won’t be able to stand out of all these yearlong celebrations. Especially when the wine smells so delicious and there are so many varieties.

    3. You can go to Georgia whenever you want; it’s always attractive, beautiful and full of activities.  Until November you can chill and enjoy the warmth of the Black Sea on the Georgia’s coast and after that you can Climb the Mountains and stay in those amazing skiing resorts with guaranteed natural snow until late April. And that’s not the end, after all of this you can go to Mineral Spring Waters, you basically can live happily here all the year long.

    4. Eco, everything is eco here, there are hundreds of small food markets where the farmers from the closest villages bring fresh fruits and vegetables. Georgians are a very proud nation so all the products will be of the highest quality.

    5. Georgia is like a Rome, just in Caucasus, you can find here many UNESCO Heritage sites, like the ancient capital city of Mishketa or the complexes of Bagrati and Gelati dated from early 10th century.

    6. Tbilisi (the capital of Georgia) is a city that inspires. Starting from the beautiful balconies in the constantly aging Old Tbilisi district and the sulphur baths in the unique Persian-style and turquoise mosaics, to unique art nouveau building with futuristic structures that seem to be taken from Architecture’s dream.

    7. The flea markets are very different from those in other parts of the world. In Georgia at a flea market you can see people selling history for (almost) free. People sell portraits of Stalin, which is some sort of national pride, he was the Georgian-born ruler who defeated Hitler after all.

    8. Ushguli, just Ushguli. It’s the highest  settlement in Europe, it is set at altitudes between 2086 and 2200 meters above sea level

    9. Georgia is the birthplace of the whole European Civilization according to some recent discoveries. Recent excavations of Dmanisi have revealed the earliest hominid outside Africa! These recent discoveries made a huge change to the migration theory.

    10. The Cave cities. Georgia is home of the most unusual cave cities in the world, and the oldest one is Uplitstsikhe which resembles a lot to a lunar landscape.

    Just visit it and live the magic inside this country, and for the best experience, just book a tour with silkroadexplore.com.

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