What do you sell on the site?

We sell tour packs of Kyrgyzstan’s leading tour operators online. You may choose your own tour which you like, acquaint with info and book it. Also you may at once see all the “hot” offers appearing recently and you don’t need to lose your time looking for them on the other different sites.  

I’ve noticed that the prices on your site are lower than on the others, why?

We have the exclusive agreements with tour operators,we don’t have a huge staff, expensive office, and we sell, in other words we give the scopes to operators. Another reason is we are very technological.  

How do you earn money?

We earn getting an agent’s rewards from tour operators.the size of a reward depends on the tour operator and on the size of sale.  

Where do you get the site info from? How relevant is it?

We take the information right from the tour operators. All the programs introduced on site are accurate seasonal and are relevant during the concrete season.  

What is included in the price of a tour and what an extra information about a concrete tour i need to know?

The information about what is included in the price of the tour, what is not included and other important information you may find on every page of the tour. If you think the info is not exhaustive then you may send us your questions on email and we’ll do our best to reply as soon as it’s possible.

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