Tour Program


Hunting has always been and remains one of the favorite hobbies of tourists. Since ancient times, for men of nomadic tribes hunting was a tradition and fun. Among the inhabitants of the Tien Shan you can still find “munushkor” – people practicing falconry. Tamed and trained bird (falcon, hawk, eagle) is a unique property of the hunter, like his horse or hound (Taigan). You can see the scene of hunting after hare. From generation to generation hereditary hunters inherited the secrets of theirs skill, and the age-old tradition of growing and training hawks. This majestic and formidable bird is able to beat in a tough fight, even a fox or a wolf. The climax moment of the eagle attack on a prey is a fierce struggle of winged predator and a victim and it could cause a hunter genuine excitement and true pride. This type of hunting is the most common form of recreation for the nomadic people of Kyrgyzstan, and today it is a part of its national culture. If you want to become a member or just watch the process of hunting, we invite you to get acquainted with its traditions. Demonstration and real hunting with hawks and Balaban falcons conducted on rabbit, pheasant, partridge and pigeon, with eagles – on a fox and hare. Place: Kaji-Sai (on horses). Distance: 100km (one way) from Karakol. Duration: 6-7 hours.