Tour Program


History of fulling technique is extremely interesting. Many centuries ago, nomads made from wool, not only covering for yurts and some simple household utensils, but also much more. For example, clothing, home furnishings (felt pads, rugs, mats for sleeping), pastoral equipment (bedding for newborn calves, parts for camel pack-saddle, saddle-cloths and blankets for horses, large felted bags for carrying goods).

Felt products (shoes, hats, bags, saddle blankets) are widely used outside the nomadic herding environment among settled agricultural population and the secrets of their production began to spread around the world.

We offer you master classes for felt. Skilled workers will show you the technique of manufacturing of felt products, such as the manufacture of the yurt, shyrdaks, chiy, felt, ormok.

In addition, tourists participating in the master class will be able to pick up the crafts made by craftswomen together with tourists.

You will also visit the museum, where you will see things of nomads’ life and portraits of famous people of Kyrgyzstan drawn using felt.