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6 days

6-day trekking in Armenia

You will surely enjoy this short but very impressive and unforgettable trekking adventure in sunny Armenia! You will explore the beautiful nature and meet hospitable, friendly people of this ...

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16 days

Tour package in Armenia for Nature Lovers

Trekking and walking tours are unmatched pleasures. When the nature embraces you with its boundless freedom you feel perfection of the creation. Treat yourself with the mountainous fresh air ...

The price depends on a group size. The price 1600 EUR per person is available for groups of 5 people.
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10 days

Adventure Explorations in Armenia

This tour is an interesting mixture of culture and adventure. It includes trekking, riding, hiking and culture. So we will explore the culture of Armenia by adventures.

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9 days

Transcaucasian trail

Transcaucasian trail tour is a great outdoor adventure for active travelers and fans of enigmatic Caucasus! Enjoy comfortable hiking in Dilijan National Park, to the world famous beautiful ...

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11 days

Armenia trekking and cultural tour

This tour is a great combination of  trekking and cultural adventures in the fabulous Armenia! You will explore the gorgeous mountains of Caicasus and witness the numerous impressive archite ...

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Geographical conditions and climate in Armenia are perfect for active holidays. Hiking is especially popular here, as the country has very diverse flora and fauna, different climate zones, as well as delightful scenery. Some people say that Armenia was created specifically for hiking. Most of the routes here pass through mountainous areas and connect different cultural, historical and natural monuments. Therefore Armenia tourism is gaining more and more popularity throughout the world.

Tourists, first time visiting Armenia will come back or at least dream about returning here again. This country is so charming and diverse that it is impossible not to love it. Armenia offers lovers of hiking pure mountain air, safe trails, friendly people and great architectural monuments.

Everybody can discover this country by himself, but with a guide and a group to do it much more interesting. The guide will tell much interesting about all sights encountered on your way, will show the places that you would never visit yourself. Hiking trails in Armenia are not always marked, therefore guided tours are more reliable. The best part of Armenian hiking is that you can do without backpacks and sleep in hotels and guest houses along the program. If you are relatively healthy person and can hike slowly for 5-7 hours, then do not hesitate to book Armenian hiking - you can do it!

Armenia is a country of ancient monasteries. And monasteries were not always built easy to reach. There are places where big excursion buses simply can not go. For example, the monastery Tsakhats Kar located 6 km from the village of Yehegis at the height of 2080 m. So hiking allows you to explore the most remote historical corners of this fabulous land. Travelers can walk along the old forest roads as were walking here the locals for hundreds or even thousands of years, can descend into the caves, pass by little villages, walk along the gorges, climb to the top of Mount Aragats and see from there legendary Ararat. When tourists travel to Armenia by car, they always want to stop and take pictures. Here you just go on foot, and all the beauty is around you. You can also explore a part of the Great Silk Route, to see unique preserved caravanserais and imagine yourself a traveler of the past.

Hiking in Armenia isn’t typical, travelers don’t need to walk long days for couple of weeks. To the place of hiking they are brought up by a comfortable transport. For example, like this: from Dilijan, where the day before you have stopped for the night after a walk in the national park, visiting the village of Homer, and from there go on hiking route with length of about 20 km. After finishing the route, moving to the nearby town of Ijevan for rest and sleep.

Hiking holidays in Armenia can be different. For the first time, you can try a 2-3-day tour, maybe just to get around the perimeter of Lake Sevan. Then you will want to go on a week or two-week trip and enjoy this magnificent country again!