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1 day

Rafting: Chu River (in the Issyk-Kul Valley), class 2-3

This program ideally suites for those who never rafted down the mountain river before. The difficulty level of most dangerous white water rafting is Class II according to a Class I to VI int ...

Price 220 USD per group up to 6 pax
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1 day

Rafting: Chu River (Issyk-Kul valley and Boom canyon), class 2-4

This trip includes rafting on quiet water in Issyk-Kul valley and on whitewater in Boom canyon.

Price for group up to 8 pax is 580 USD
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1 day

Rafting: Chon-Kemin River (in Chon-Kemin Canyon), class 2-3

Most dangerous white water rafting on the river Chon-Kemin starts near the bridge, descending in a valley and passing through the Kapchygai Canyon. After Chon-Kemin’s junction with Chu River ...

Price for group up to 6 pax is 220 USD
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2 days

Rafting: Chon-Kemin and Chu rivers, class 2-4

Most dangerous white water rafting on the river Chon-Kemin starts near the bridge, descending in a valley and passing through the Kapchygai Canyon. After Chon-Kemin's junction with Chu River ...

Price from 115 USD to 225 USD per person (the price depends on a group size). The price 115 USD per person is available for groups of 4 people.
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15 days
Fixed dates
Fixed dates for 2018:
07/08/2018 - 07/22/2018

Multi-Active Tour Kyrgyzstan & Kazakhstan

Mountain Biking, Trekking, Horse Riding, River Rafting: pump up the adrenaline in Central Asia! If you love to be active, then this is one tour that will prove irresistible! Mixing the grea ...

The tour price is 2690 EUR. The price doesn't depend on the amount of people in a group.
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There are thousands of rivers with glacial origin in Kyrgyzstan, which pass through many beautiful gorges, providing excellent conditions for river rafting. This type of active recreation is becoming more popular throughout the world and attracts more travelers in Kyrgyzstan every year.

River rafting is a type of adventure activity on large inflatable rafts, which have great buoyancy, reliable, resistant to water and suitable to accommodate tourist groups up to 7-12 people. Adrenaline rush and pristine natural beauty of Kyrgyzstan will make your holidays unforgettable. In Kyrgyzstan we offer raft tours for both beginners and advanced rafters, for everybody wishing to enjoy the descent on a mountain river.

Popular destinations for rafting in Kyrgyzstan. As rafting originated in Kyrgyzstan not very long ago most of the local rivers still have not been tested for rafting opportunities. However, some rivers have earned a reputation of perfect rafting destinations:

Chui River flows next to the city of Bishkek and is still the most popular destination for river rafting in Kyrgyzstan. Part of the river passes through the Boom Gorge and is especially famous as the most perfect to try rafting for the first time. Access to the river here is easier, rapids are more "manageable" therefore this section relates to II - IV complexity class.

Most of Naryn River is calm and slow. But there is a section of the river called "Canyon Naryn", which is very popular for rafting. From inside the canyon scenery is breathtaking, and the section of the river belongs to the category of IV - V class.

Chon-Kemin River - a major tributary of the river Chui. It flows for 116 km through the gorge, which creates many difficult rapids of IV - V class. The area of Chon-Kemin, with its green hills and snow capped mountains is just perfect for rafting.

Kekemeren River flows through Tien Shan Mountains, and at one point meets with Naryn river. Tien Shan Mountains provide excellent conditions for river rafting: mountain peaks are surrounded by huge lazy clouds, and at the bottom there is a sunny and clear weather. The most dangerous rapids of IV - V class, are concentrated in the first 50 km from the beginning of the river, but the complexity of the whole river varies within II - V classes.

So if you are an active person and enjoy outdoor activities and nature – then book your great adventure raft tour now!