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9 days
Fixed dates for 2020:

M41 road: Pamir Highway and Wakhan corridor 2020

The word "pamir" means "roof of the world" and rightly so. The Pamir Mountains are goliaths that touch the sky, and because of this, the Pamir Highway that crosses them is the 2nd highest in ...

Price per person 1545 USD.
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16 days

Travel from Kyrgyzstan to Tajikistan: The Modern Silk Road

Spend 16 days exploring Kyrgyzstan, China, and Tajikistan on a tour that takes you over high mountain passes, to a Silk Road caravanserai, beautiful valleys with hot springs to soak in, bust ...

Price from 2585 USD to 3585 USD per person (the price depends on a group size). The price 2585 USD per person is available for groups of 5 people.
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9 days

Explore nature and city sights in North Tajikistan in 7 days

Explore Tajikistan through amazing sceneries of the capital, mountains, lakes and mosques. This country is prominent of its spiritual places and nature, where most mosques are built. In 7 da ...

Price from 1250 USD to 1500 USD per person (the price depends on a group size). The price 1250 USD per person is available for groups of 6 people.
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7 days

History of Tajikistan: Visit 3 ancient sites

This is a fascinating tour for history lovers! Tajikistan holds 3 ancient sites that travelers can visit easily today: Takhti Sangin (3rd century BC), Hissar Fortress (medieval ages), and an ...

Price from 1255 USD to 1495 USD per person (the price depends on a group size). The price 1255 USD per person is available for groups of 6 people.
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8 days

Highlights of Tajikistan

This tour is a great opportunity to visit Tajikistan in short but impressive 8 days. You will pass the main sights, cultural and natural objects of this unknown mountainous land. In your tra ...

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One of the oldest countries in the world, colorful, hot and mysterious Tajikistan attracts a rapidly growing number of tourists from different countries. The reasons to travel here are obvious: Tajikistan has a bright, unique orient culture and is full of ancient historical sites – such as monuments of Zoroastrian civilization Sogdiana and the fabulous cities of the Great Silk Road, healing thermal springs, the varied and delicious cuisine and lovely colorful cotton robes and skullcaps. To discover everything you will need a dozen of trips to Tajikistan. The capital of Dushanbe, ancient cities Khujand, Panjakent, Istaravshan, Isfara, majestic landscapes, lakes and rivers of Fan mountains, highlands of Badakhshan, Pamir - the "roof of the world", and Karakul Lake Sarez, Baile Obigarm - this is an incomplete list of cultural and natural resources in Tajikistan.

During your cultural tour in Dushanbe it is worth to visit Hissar fortress once served as the residence of the Bey, with two madrasas, mausoleum of 16th century and a large territory. Travelers can learn much about Tajikistan history in the Museum of Antiquities, Museum of Archeology and Ethnography Museum. The most valuable manuscripts of great Ferdowsi, Saadi and Ibn Sina are stored in the Republican library.

Every travelers attention attracts the monument of Somoni, the founder of the Tajik state: the weight of crown is 10 kg - and it's all pure gold!

In Khujand you should visit a famous Khujand fortress ruins (5 century BC), in the Middle Ages this fortress was considered the most fortified in the whole Central Asia, Masjid Jami Mosque(16 C).

Penjikent, one of the most prosperous cities of the Great Silk Road, with more than 5 thousand years of history, interesting monuments of ancient civilizations of Zoroastrian Sogdiana and unique Stone Age excavations. Can also see here places of veneration of saints and great men: the mausoleum of classical Tajik poetry founder Abu Abdollah Rudaki (10 C), the resting place of religious leader and hadith expert Muhammad Bashoro, Mausoleum of St. Hazrat Bobo.

2500-year-old Istaravshan town is famous for beautiful mosques Havza-Sangin and Savriston, mausoleums and mosques Hazrat Schoch, a blue dome madrassa Kok Gumbaz. Among the archaeological monuments stand Mugteppa ancient site and a medieval fortress Kah-Caja.

You will also see many interesting cultural, historical sites during our popular trips to Pamir Highway, mountainous paved road with length of more than 700 km from the city of Khorog, Ismaili centre, along the border with Afghanistan and China to the Kyrgyz Osh.

Our cultural tours will also introduce you the bright, unique Tajik culture. Tajikistan is primarily famous for its great weaving and embroidery. Souvenir number one here is national clothing: the famous cotton robes, embroidered belts and skull-caps, dresses and bloomers. You should also have a look here at traditional leather shoes: boots, shoes and sandals - they can be used for ages. Tajikistan can also boast of wall hangings "Susanna", embroidered with silk or thread-sewing, bedspreads "ruidjo", tablecloth "dastarkhan." Very cute ceramic products - by lap or stuck together manually. Women will like stacked silver necklaces, bracelets and earrings with national motifs.

So your cultural tour to Tajikistan will be full of bright, cognitive visits, events and adventures. You will surely enjoy the time spent here and would like to come again to continue this breathtaking discovery!