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Our guided ATV tours - is a journey through series of delightful landscapes that abounds in the nature of Kyrgyzstan! This is a unique opportunity to fill your lungs with the fragrance of vast fields and the whole palette of forest flavors. These beautiful places are best to travel by ATV, because the car will not pass here and it is very far to walk. We offer you to travel by ATV to the following destinations: famous high mountain Ala-Kul lake with turquoise, eternally cold water; Altyn Arashan gorge with mineral water healing pools; Karakol gorge, the greenest and most popular place among tourists; Red rocks of Jeti-Oguz, shrouded in legends and myths; Salt lake where it is impossible to sink and many other routes of varying difficulty and length. An ATV trip to all these hard-to-reach places will bring you a lot of fun, adrenaline, unforgettable emotions and pleasant memories! In winter, all the routes are feasible and possible to customize. In summer, it is possible to arrange accommodation in yurt or tent camp.

The route in Karakol Gorge goes along Karakol river. On the way we will overcome many obstacles, such as rocks, bumps, streams, puddles and mud. But this only adds interest and positive emotions to our journey. The gorge is amazing: someplace the river is wide and calm, then it turns into a raging torrent; high spruce surround the road from all sides.

During our ATV tour to Djeti-Oguz gorge you can stay in yurt, taste delicious national cuisine ride a horse and enjoy the picturesque sceneries. Famous Soviet time health resort with hydrosulfuric thermal water is situated here (2200 m). Resort is surrounded by two famous red rocks ensembles – “Broken Heart” and “Seven Bulls”. In the valley you can also enjoy Kok-Jayik glade and “Maiden Braid” waterfall.

Among other destinations are Altyn Arashan gorge, Chelpek gorge, Irdyk river, Sary-Beltyk hill. During the trip, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the alpine Irdyk Lake, mineral water in Altyn Arashan and gorgeous view of mountains covered with lush vegetation and snow. The ATV trip will not be an easy one: alpine meadows will turn into a mud, bogs and rocks under your wheels, but it will just add the emotions and adrenaline.

Our special offer for this winter season is a lifting by ATV-crawlers of skiing and snowboarding free-riders up to the wild ski slopes in Karakol gorge. The ascent is 1.5 km long with powder snow and gorgeous sceneries. Skiers are provided with 2 ATV-crawlers capable to lift up to 6 people at one time.

Exciting ATV tours will give you incredible cheerfulness and energy. Only extreme, full of adventures and unforgettable moments holidays are waiting for you. Take a break from your routine life and feel the real emotions and adrenalin in your blood!