Cars For Rent
Silk Road Explore offers a car rent service. Currently you can rent a car in four countries and we plan to expand the range of the services. Be aware that in each country there are special car rent terms. Please, look through the terms before you send a request for a car reservation.
Rental Conditions in Mongolia
The required driving experience - at least one year.
Rental cars are available for persons over 21 years.
Application for rental cars is desirable to be applied a few days prior to the date of the lease.
Mileage is not limited.
Offices of rental are situated in Tbilisi, Batumi, and Kutaisi.
If you have any other questions,contact a manager of Silk Road Explore by email or via the booking car form

Best options for car rental in Mongolia


Model Year: 2006
of seats: 7
Engine capacity: 4.5
Transmission: automatic

Fuel: Diesel
Color: Black

$ per day
Only 270 USD pre-pay for book up auto
2700 USD
Book now


Model Year: 2010

№ of seats: 5

Engine capacity: 2,4

Transmission: automatic

Fuel: Gasoline

Climate-control: yes

$ per day
Only 90 USD pre-pay for book up auto
900 USD
Book now

Important car rental information. You need to possess a valid Mongolian Driving License to be able to drive a car in Mongolia. In order to possess a local driving license you need a temporary or permanent residents ID or document of proof that you are residing in Mongolia more than 3 moths. You may have our service for obtaining Mongolian driving license.

The minimum age requirement is 21 years old and 3 year of driving experience, otherwise a rental car with a driver is available.

The options of pick-up and drop-off are available in Ulaanbaatar including Genghis Khan International airport, our office or any place convenient for a client.

There is no mileage limits, but the territory of driving is restricted within Mongolia.

As the roads to the Province Centers and Lake Khuvsgul are mostly paved or scraped. But to drive along the roads to remote places, gobi desert, green passes and any other distant locations you will need to rent a 4WD vehicle.

Insurance. All our cars are properly insured to cover you in case of an accident. You should be aware that generally vehicle insurance is not mandatory in Mongolia. You should also note that the insurance doesn’t cover the damage to the car resulted by your fault. For instance, you will be responsible for an engine damage caused by putting petroleum in a diesel car. We also advise you to purchase your own personal medical insurance.

Road conditions. The main roads of Mongolia are paved, 2 lanes with opposite directions. The smaller roads in rural areas are of a dirt tracks with gravel and stones and therefore can be rather bumpy but still functional. On the dirt roads there are no road signs, so we suggest to hire local drivers.

Off road. While planning your driving trip around Mongolia remember the following figures: Mongolia is over 80% of local roads are not paved and you will not be able to cover more than 300 km a day. For distant trips equip yourself with GPS for better orientation in the area. By preliminary order GPS devices are available for rent.

Few facts about driving. Driving standard in Ulaanbaatar is quite messy. Drivers respect the red light, but often don’t care about the lanes, the cars often move without warning and overtake using the opposite side of the road. So driving in a capital city can be quite stressful and requires every traffic participant to be always alert.

Main traffic rules. Mongolia has a right-hand driving regime. Both right-hand and left-hand cars are allowed to drive in Mongolia. The speed limits in Mongolia: in towns 60 km/h, outside of town 80 km\h. There are police patrols, which can stop any car to check the driver’s sobriety.

The driver can be fined for the following traffic violations in Mongolia: the presence of alcohol in the blood of the driver, not wearing a seat belt, if the driver did not stop at the request of a police officer, for speeding and crossing a full line, driving on the public bus lane. Your car will be towed away for parking illegally.

Fuel. The vehicle must be returned with full tank or equal to that at the time of the rental. In rural areas gas stations can be poorly operated and offer a fuel of low octane, but along the main roads the fuel stations are widespread, so here shouldn’t be any problems with your tank filling.