December 29, 2015

Visit Tajikistan capital Dushanbe for exciting discoveries and traditional Asian leisure!

22ramblerkartinkipThis post will be most useful for those planning a trip to the capital of Tajikistan, Dushanbe. For the last three years Dushanbe became very familiar to me due to certain reasons, so I would like to write how to spend good holidays in Dushanbe.

Where to stay: Many hotels were recently built In Dushanbe, but they are all pretty expensive. Therefore, if you are looking for a budget option, you should arrive here by morning flight, buy a morning newspaper and phone for renting an apartment or book it in advance via internet. In the city center you can rent a one-bedroom apartment for 25$/day with hot / cold water, in the outskirts the apartment can cost 150$/month, but the water will be there for certain hours. In general, you will need to find something in the middle and always inquire how things are going with water.

1-43Where to eat: Tadjik cuisine is delicious, though contains a lot of meat, fat and salt. The average bill for the barbecue, salad, and drink will be 4-7$. Tips are included in the price. I would advise the place called Kolkhoz Russia, located within the city, there are many different cafes there – you can choose any as the food is delicious everywhere. You can choose to seat at the table or on the traditional Tadjik couch. Eating here is tasty, plenty and hearty!

You can also visit Chaihona Rohat, located in the city center. For good fast food visit “Chicken” by Opera Ballet House, “Istanbul” cafe – in the center.

If you wish something not typical for Tadjikistan, dine out in ”Salsa” restaurant, a popular place among foreigners.
Restaurant offers Wi-Fi, many different cocktails, Mexican, Ecuadorian, Italian 50a1c144-city-8293-55911dd7and Tadjik national cuisine. Moreover, for your pleasure there is excellent Hookah and service!

To drink beer you can go to Irish Pub. It has an atmosphere of a classic Irish pub and offers Hungarian draft beer, Guinness and many others. They offer nothing to eat, only snacks – crackers, chips, etc.

What to bring back from Dushanbe. You can find plenty of souvenirs in Dushanbe. All souvenir shops are located on the avenue Rudaki, between Chaihona Rohat and TSUM. If you want to buy some paintings, then you should go directly to Suhrob gallery. In TSUM prices are 3 times higher than in “Sport goods” store opposite Chaihona Rohat. You can also look in the small 800x600_tadzhikistan-dushanbe-pravitelstvo-prezidentshops, but I would have stopped at the “Sport goods”. In summer and fall popular goods in Dushanbe are fresh fruits and dried fruits. In the city center there is a big green market.

What to visit. There is a wonderful historical museum in Dushanbe. You can also stroll through the new Park Rudaki. The rest of the attractions are outside the city.

Hissar fortress is in one hour drive from Dushanbe. To the modern days from the fortress construction are preserved only the gates, madrasah and enormous number of values, such as handles of pitchers, pieces of plates dating from many centuries ago.

Nurek Hydro Electro Station. You will need to pay an entrance fee and will see
the highest in the word dam 300 meters high. And for additional payment you 1415258136_dvorec-nacii-dushanbecan go by boat to pontoons on the reservoir and swim there in a warm, emerald water.

This place is full of recreation zones. I recommend to visit Mardon: nice pool with a slide, inexpensive service, traditional couches, delicious cuisine. Above the Mardona there is Guzgarf waterfall. We were looking for it for 5 hours, but finally did not find. You are advised to take a guide to find this waterfall. Varzob gorge itself is very beautiful! And there are actually many waterfalls there.

So while you visit Tajikistan take enough time to spend pleasant and memorable holidays in amazing city of Dushanbe!

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