February 26, 2020

Tsaghkadzor – the most famous ski resort of Armenia

Tsaghkadzor – a perfect place for connoisseurs of winter sports.

By reading this article you will learn about all the advantages of one of the best ski resorts in
the Caucasus – Tsaghkadzor.

If you are a skiing and snowboarding lover, then you probably had already paid attention to Armenia. Lots of tourists find this place perfect for winter sports. Skiing in Armenia is nothing but joy, there are three ski resorts there, the first and the most famous is the Tsaghkadzor. The second and third are Jermuk and Sevan.

Tsaghkadzor is not just the most famous ski resort in Armenia, it is also the largest one. It is also considered as a must-see place because it is one of the most beautiful sights of Armenia. The word “Tsakhkadzor” means “valley of flowers” in Armenian. This place is buried in a flowering valley in summer and attracts tourists as a ski resort in winter.

Having the highest skiing point of 2819 meters, the ski center of Tsaghkadzor is situated on the slopes of the Teghenis Mount, which are very picturesque. It is also should be noted that a breathtaking view of Sevan Lake and Ararat Mount opens from there. All the opportunities for practicing their favorite sports are created here for skiers, snowboarders, lovers of cross-country skiing and orienteering.

Ecological tourism is widespread in Tsaghkadzor – in Soviet times, this city was at the peak of its popularity. 

Upon arrival at the resort, a person’s blood hemoglobin level increases, and this positively affects health. Such a sharp production 

of hemoglobin is explained by the very thin air of Tsaghkadzor,the relatively low oxygen content and a large number of forests in the district, affecting air purity.

What is the best time for skiing at the Tsaghkadzor ski resort?

The best time to go skiing there is from mid-December till the end of March. There are tracks of three levels: black, red and blue. 8 kilometers is the maximum length of the route. The total height difference is 853 m. There is a modern three-level chairlift called “Lightner” (Leitner), with a total length of 4,500 meters. Opening hours: from 9:00 to 18:00.

A four-seater elevator from the zero levels to the first station (elevation difference – 350m), double elevators at the second and third stations, elevations – 250 and 300 meters, respectively. The total climb time from the zero levels to the third station will be about 40 minutes (average lift speed – 2.5 m per second, throughput is 1200 passengers per 1 hour).

The connoisseurs may like some of the features of this ski resort:

  • one can feel completely free moving on the slopes and the queues for ski lifts are very rare;

    * 75% of winter days are sunny (287 of 365 days in a year are sunny);

    * daylight hours are long here – you can observe the sunrise at around 8:30 AM and the sunset at around 6:00 PM in January;

    * it is not cold in winter, the temperature does not fall below -5C during the day;

    * if you will decide to go down along the “gutter” which is an unfinished bobsleigh track, you will actually feel what the “extreme descent” is;

    * snow is guaranteed (snow depth can be more than one and a half meters);

    * things such as snowslips are extremely rare, so you should not worry about your safety.

How to get there?

The ski resort of Tsaghkadzor is not far from the capital of Armenia – Yerevan, about 60 km. It is also not far from the Zvartnots International Airport – just 75 km away.

There are a few ways to get to Tsaghkadzor from the airport. The price of a taxi ride starts from 7500 dram. If you will order 7-seater minivan, you will pay around 7400 dram. Travel time by car is 1 hour 15 minutes. This method is the easiest, especially for tourists with ski equipment.

You can go the more difficult way and get with transfers, especially if you want to explore the city. You can get from the airport to the capital by bus or minibus. Then drive from the center of Yerevan to the “Raykom” stop. Buses run under this route about 5-6 times a day under numbers 14, 46, 259. Travel time will be a little over an hour, and a ticket will cost 10250 dram From this stop, you can also get to Hrazdan, a regional center located near the ski resort. Shuttle buses in this direction run every hour. From Hrazdan to Tsaghkadzor you can go on foot or take a taxi.

Here are the answers for the frequently asked questions:

How far is the city of Tsaghkadzor from the airport?

Tsaghkadzor is 75 km far from the Zvartnos International airport. It will take about 1 hour by car to get there.

How to get from the hotel to the cable cars?

So far, no hotel has organized a shuttle service to the cable car. The cable car can be reached by taxi, for about 500 – 800 dram.

Can I rent a snowboard or ski?

Yes, it is possible. You can rent a ski set for about 8000 dram and snowboard for around 10000 dram per day.

Can I be provided with instructor services?

Yes, the instructor services are provided, It costs – 10 000 dram per hour for skiing and 15 000 dram on a snowboard.

How much does a ski pass cost?

One lift costs around 1,500 dram;
If you want to get an unlimited number of lifts for 2 days, you will pay about 16 000 dram;
You can also get a ski pass for a week, it costs about 49 000 dram.

Are there any evening activities in Tsakhkadzor?

There are billiards of them: you can go to play bowling or visit a bar, a sauna, a pool, restaurants, cafes, discos – all these entertainments are mainly at hotels. In winter, an ice rink is poured into the city center.

Does it snow in Tsaghkadzor?

If you are just planning to visit Armenia in winter or already booked a room and are not sure if there is snow there or what is the weather there in general, you can just see it yourself with the help of web cameras installed in Tsaghkadzor.

We should also warn you that all prices noted in this article may change over time.

We hope you found this article useful and informative. If you would like to see other ski resort options in the Caucasus, we recommend you have a look at the best ski resorts of Caucasus. You can also learn more about the country of Armenia by reading posts of our blog by tag “Armenia“.

Photos from sources: booking.com, vk.com, 

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