July 28, 2017

Travel Guide to Northern Tajikistan

North of Dushanbe lies the area of Sughd. Fixated on clamoring Khujand and secluded whatever is left of Tajikistan by the Zerafshan go, it has an unmistakable identity. The Sughd area represents 66% of the nation’s GDP and has nearer binds to Samarkand, Kokand, and Bukhara than to Dushanbe. It is the most prosperous and dynamic region of the nation.

However, outside of Penjikent and Khujand, there are as yet magnificent Mountain View, remote valleys, and minimal conventional villages.

Khujand and around

Khujand is greatly vivacious compared to Tajikistan‘s moderate paced models, acting as an introduction to Uzbekistan’s a region of the Ferghana Valley. There is a lot to have a look at to warrant a stop-over, similar to the Panjshanbe Bazaar and the idiosyncratic Arbob Palace.

A great number of individuals will need to skip Istaravshan, even though, a town in obvious decline. In spite of the fact that the old mosques are charged as the star fascination, it is, in reality, all the more intriguing for its metal workers and wood carvers, and the atmospheric bazaar.

Zerafshan Valley

The Zerafshan Valley draws a straight line over the guide from Samarkand to Aini, and proceeds with the east, upstream into less populated mountainous territories. The door to the valleys is the junction town of Aini, close to the Anzob Pass and it is well known as the “passage of death.”

Justified even despite a little reroute from the Aini-Penjikent Street are Madm, Khairobad, and Kum. Beautiful villages in their right, you can locate strongholds here related with Dewashtich, the last leader of the Sogdians.

The Yagnob valley, so remote it safeguarded its old dialect for centuries, is the most renowned side valley. East of Aini, an individual can remain in homestays as well as trek around. Notwithstanding the presence of homestays, everything remains very spearheading. Be set up to make your way over the local cliffs, gorges and fruit groves.

Fann Mountains

For climbers, the Fann Mountains are a second option to the Pamir. With simpler access and similarly dazzling view, there is no motivation to leave the open door for a trek or hike of up to five to six days. Iskanderkul is a feature for trekkers and tourists alike. If you need to locate conventional village life, the Seven lakes are the place to visit.

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