December 1, 2021

Top-8 things to bring from Armenia

What to bring from Armenia?

Bring a piece of this hospitable country home. We will not talk about magnets and T-shirts with “I love Armenia” sign here.

“Bring me cognac” – this is probably how your friends will accompany you if you are going to visit Armenia. Yes, they are right – this country is famous for cognacs, but it is not the only cool thing there. Are you thinking of what to bring from Armenia as a gift for relatives and friends? Today we will answer this question.

So, planning your Armenia travel think of what to bring from there too:

Cognac and wine 

Armenian cognac is famous all over the world, and this is the main thing that can be brought from a trip to Armenia. Armenians specially grow grapes for the production of cognac. Ararat, Noy, “Shustov” are considered the best brands. In Yerevan, be sure to go to the cognac factory, you will have an excursion with a tasting of the best samples, you can also buy the best souvenir from Armenia there. You will also find cognac in any supermarket, but there is a risk of running into a fake, it is better to choose branded stores. “Areni” wine is also a very good gift made from a certain grape, which grows only in the valley near the village of the same name. Very delicious! 

Gold and silver 

Since ancient times, Armenian craftsmen were famous for their art of making silver jewelry and other silver and gold products. In souvenir shops and markets you can find earrings, rings, chains and much more. Moreover, silver and gold prices are not high in Armenia, furthermore, it is customary to bargain on the market. In addition to silver, you can find gems in the markets: obsidian, agate, jasper….


Carpets are very popular not only in Armenia, but also in neighboring countries: Turkey, Iran, Azerbaijan. Woolen thread is dyed with natural dyes, and the main difference of Armenian carpets is the image of animals and people on the pattern. Carpet weaving has been developing in Armenia since ancient times, it was practiced in almost every family, and carpets adorned the floor, walls, and chests. A real large carpet may cost around 2-3 thousand dollars, but you can buy a small one at a more reasonable price. 


Who didn’t have goosebumps when listening to music played by Jivan Gasparyan, a famous duduk master? This is a national Armenian instrument that looks a bit like a flute, but with a mouthpiece on top. Keep in mind that playing duduk is very difficult, you need some skill and training. This tool is made of apricot tree, and if you bring it home, you can say that you brought the soul of Armenia. Of course, the tools sold on the market are not professional, but ordinary ones, that’s why the price is not high.

Handbags, wallets, tablecloths in the national style 

Weaving is another traditional craft in Armenia. You can bring home purses, bags, tablecloths and even a bottle case embroidered in the national Armenian style, brightly decorated with angular ornaments. 


Feel the historical Armenia – books, coins, cameras and more. If you have friends who are fond of books, coins, stamps, then there is something to choose for them. There are several places where you can find antiques in Yerevan they can also be called as Armenia tourist attractions: you can find anything you want there. If you were asked to buy old Soviet lenses for the camera (they are of a very good quality) – here is the perfect place and you will not find such in any other city. 

Handmade chess and backgammon 

The art of woodcarving has been developing in Armenia since ancient times, and the masters are famous for their work. The most striking example of their skill is carved chess and backgammon, it is a very rare piece of “good”, a work of art. The carving is made in the national style with patterns, even the temples are cut out sometimes.


Oh, the choice is simply huge here! Be sure to bring Armenian sweets with you: baklava, sujuh (Armenian snickers), homemade halva, boiled fruit juice – doshab. Buy spices and dried herbs, such as a base, and bring it home. Closer to departure, take Armenian cheese, for example, “Lori” or “Chanakh” in a pigtail, they have a very unusual taste. Be sure to bring dried fruits from Armenia if you arrive in season. Sweet gata, sujuh, jam. 

What other souvenirs to buy from Armenia? There are lots of them: Pewter, leather goods, ceramics (glasses, jugs, teapots) and much more that can be found.

We hope you found this article useful and informative. If you would like to explore the country further but not sure where to go and what to do in Armenia, we recommend you have a look at posts of our blog by tag “Armenia”.

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