January 24, 2017

The Pamir Mountains of Tajikistan

shutterstock_153136334_rtMountains: strong, majestic, dominant, and mysterious. These titans of landscape have been the joy and frustration of climbers and trekkers everywhere for centuries. Mountains stand tall in their mystery and power and they defy anyone who would try to ascend their rocky heights. There’s hardly a feeling superior to when reaching the summit of one of these majestic formations. It’s as if you’ve conquered the world, and in doing so, have conquered something in yourself. Central Asia contains some of the most difficult mountain ranges in the world, including, of course, the infamous Mount Everest. But, one of the least known and least visited mountain ranges in the world is the Pamir Mountains.

shutterstock_313880513_alex-brylovThis range lies mostly along the border of Tajikistan, a beautiful and little known Silk Road country. The three highest mountains along this range are called Ismoil Somoni Peak, Ibn Sina Peak, and Peak Korzhenevskaya. These peaks stand at 24,590 ft., 23,406 ft., and 23,310 ft., respectively. For a fun fact, these peaks had former Communist and Soviet related names.

There is no denying the beauty and attraction of these mountain ranges. The villages that lie at their bases are calm and peaceful, with emerald rivers and green fields. But, the winters are harsh here. As is true with all mountain ranges, the shutterstock_322281395weather and other things are unpredictable: avalanches, rock slides, etc. So, even experienced hikers and trekkers should take care. Trekking would be a great choice if weaving through the villages and walking through the foothills of the mountains. Late September to late November in the Pamirs is ideal for this kind of trekking. The weather is much more pleasant. High altitude hiking would be easier at this time as well. The first snowfall begins in December in the Pamirs of Tajikistan, and then the Spring (late March to June) is definitely when the high altitude climbs will be the hardest.

If you’re interesting in taking a hike or a trek in this mysterious and incredibly difficult mountain range, shutterstock_323478566_milonkplease take the time to prepare. Lack of preparation is extremely dangerous. The reason these mountains are so little visited is because of how dangerous they can be in poor weather. Frostbite is inevitably if poor planning occurs. Get the proper equipment, go in the right time of year, and find a guide to assist you. If you enjoy that feeling of overpowering one of the most terrible and amazing natural wonders of the world, then the Pamirs of Tajikistan are the place for you. Grab your hiking shoes. You’ll be in for a majestic adventure.

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