January 27, 2022

Ten places in Kazakhstan you need to pay your attention at

Top 10 worth-visiting places in Kazakhstan

We will give a list of places for your potential Kazakhstan travel that is worth visiting, and you decide which place you want to visit first, okay? Let’s go!

You have probably read a lot of stories about a romantic trip to Paris, adventures in the mountains of Nepal, and shopping in Milan. But have you ever read anything about the beautiful places in Kazakhstan? No? Then this article is for you.


Aktau is one of the largest cities in the world located in a place where human life seems completely impossible. It was founded in 1963 on the shores of the Caspian Sea when uranium deposits were found in the vicinity. The vicinity of Aktau is famous for its beautiful and unique desert landscapes of the Mangyshlak plateau. Desert climate and erosion excelled in the hard rocks of this place created thousands of miniature mountain ranges, tiny canyons, and deep depressions filled with very salty water.

Kaindy Lake

Kaindy Lake is one of the most beautiful places in Kazakhstan. It is located in the Kengei-Alatau gorge and was formed in 1910 as a result of an earthquake. Landslides blocked the mountain gorge, which was filled with spring water, drowning a living coniferous forest. Tall trees were not completely covered with water their tops protruded above the lake, received the name Guardians from the locals.

The Mausoleum of Khoja Ahmed Yasawi

Located in the south of the country, in the city of Turkestan, the mausoleum of Khoja Ahmed Yasawi was erected in the 14th century in honor of the ancient Turkic poet and Sufi Ahmed Yasawi, who lived in the East in the 12th century. The construction is a complex of palaces and temples, and in addition to the mausoleum there is a medieval bathhouse, a hill vet, where the great saint and underground house for thought Kumshik-Ata lived, miraculously preserved to this day.

Charyn Canyon

Charyn Canyon is one of the oldest and most beautiful places in Kazakhstan. The rocks that make up the canyon are more than 12 million years old! And the bizarre forms that bright red sandstone takes under the influence of wind and water amaze with its fabulous beauty and splendor. One of the rarest tree species relict Sogdian ash grows there. 25 million years ago, this tree was distributed on the planet. Now ash groves can be found only in the Charyn canyon and in North America.


Katon-Karagay is a unique place in the East Kazakhstan region, where you can find a national nature park and reserve. There is a very beautiful natural forest that is adjacent to subalpine meadows, lakes, and rivers with mountains. The reserve can boast a diverse fauna: moose, bears, deer, ermine, sable, and many other rare species of wildlife are found here.


Here is the famous cosmodrome of the same name and almost all the sights are connected specifically with astronautics. The most popular places for tourists are the Cosmodrome History Museum, the International Space School, the Gagarin Gazebo, the Cosmonaut Alley, and the Cosmonaut Hotel, where astronauts stop before flying into space. Only in this city can you see the start of a real rocket. Almost every street in Baikonur has a monument in honor of scientists, astronauts, writers, and poets.

Becket Ata Mosque

Beket-Ata is a holy place for Kazakhstani Muslims, it stands almost on a par with the burial of Khoja Akhmet Yassaui. All year, believers and pilgrims come here in an endless stream up to a thousand people a day.


Borovoe is considered to be the most famous resort in Kazakhstan.  For relaxation, there is everything, clean air, indescribable beauty of nature, and many health resorts.  It is especially important that you can relax here both in summer and in winter.  The beautiful lake will save you from the heat in the summer days, and in winter you will find many sports activities here.  The most popular place and the main attraction of Borovoy is Zhumbaktas rock.  This rock is very mysterious.  Looking at it from three different sides, you can see the outlines of the Egyptian sphinx, the old woman, and the beautiful girl.

Sanctuary of Merke

It is located at an altitude of three thousand meters above sea level near the village of Merke in the Zhambyl region. Here are about seventy monuments (mounds and stone sculptures) that have survived to this day. Monuments display various periods of the history of the Seven Rivers. Astana

Map of Kazakhstan “Atameken”

You can see the country at a glance right here. Atameken is a unique open-air museum, which presents city attractions and historical monuments of the country. How, in what houses and conditions the ancestors of numerous ethnic groups of Kazakhstan lived, can be seen not only in history textbooks but also personally in the ethnic village in Ust-Kamenogorsk. On the left bank, next to the eco-park, a special platform was equipped with a single street on which estates of 11 nationalities are located, in addition to Russian and Kazakh. In our multinational country, you can find out not only the traditions and customs of different nations but now you can go “to visit” each nation. Everything in the village was repeated with precision: materials from which they used to build houses, household items, clothes. Some exhibits are over 100 years old.

We hope this article helps you to choose a place in Kazakhstan you would like to visit and will give you an idea of what Kazakhstan tourism is. If you want to learn more about this country, read posts of our blog by tag “Kazakhstan”.

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