October 15, 2015

Silk Road Dark Market vs Silk Road Explore Travel Agency

Silk-Road-Marketplace-CamelThe history of «Silk Road» began back in 2011. The main idea of the website was a combination of technology of anonymous access to the resource through Tor and anonymous payment for goods using Bitcoin. Such artifices were required for the simple reason: most of the products at the marketplace Silk Road were completely illegal or not quite legal. At the same time, there were sold many legitimate products such as concert tickets, paintings, books. But the main categories of goods on Silk Road were still illegal substances, they accounted for 70% of turnover. Among these substances were leading marijuana, ecstasy and LSD.

Real fame came to Silk Road because of the opportunity to buy drugs. Besides them, they offered pirated software and variety of stolen goods. Of course, the complete safety of both the seller and the buyer were not discussed. There
marijuanacan not be an anonymous technology of delivery. Any delivery requires the participation of a person that can be arrested and interrogated. At the same
time, it was the first striking example of the penetration of the Internet underworld.

According to “Wikipedia” at the height of the site’s fame, its turnover was from 1.2 to 1.9 million dollars per month. Over 2.5 years, according to the FBI, there was passed through the website a total of 9.5 million BTC.

In October 2013, William Ross Ulbricht was arrested by FBI agents and was later sentenced to life imprisonment.

Later there was an attempt of creating subsequent versions of the site – «Silk sementiy1Road 2.0», which lasted almost a year.

In November 2014, after a joint operation of the FBI and Interpol were closed a record number of clandestine sites in the network Tor – more than 400. Among them were the most well-known at that time – Silk Road 2.0, Cannabis Road and Black Market. However, the extent of their activity and popularity did not go to any comparison with the first implementation of the “Silk Road”.

Website www.silkroadexplore.com is the exact opposite of the black market. Silk Road Explore – it is tourism, sport, outdoor activities, health, familiarity with new traditions and cultures of owndifferent countries, a lot of positive emotions and impressions, it’s new friends, self-knowledge and the expansion of the boundaries of the possible.
Silk Road Explore is a travel agency that offers you more than 180 ready-made exciting tours to the countries located on the territory of the famous Silk Road: China, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Iran, Armenia, Georgia, Tajikistan, and Azerbaijan.

www.silkroadexplore.com offers you unique tours at the best prices. One-day tours, tours with fixed dates and other tours of all sort and kind – trekking, excursions, horseback riding, jeep tours, rafting, mountaineering, skiing etc. You can also rent a car and go to independent travel. Silk Road Explore presents an excellent opportunity to visit amazing places and see the historical monuments, enjoy the beautiful nature and learn more about the culture of countries of the Great Silk Road.

Forget about marketplace Silk Road and meet another Silk Road Explore full of life, energy, and positive emotions! Feel the difference!

Photos from source: insidebitcoins.com, dribbble.com, pro-turizm.com, pikabu.ru