November 8, 2016

Interesting facts about the country of Turkmenistan

1_michal-knitlTurkmenistan travelling is one of the most interesting things in the world, after all here you can find both rich history (Ashgabat) and a little drop of mysticism (Door to Hell). But it’s always much more interesting to discover the country through a nice amount of short facts about it. So let’s discover the ancestors and the culture of this beautiful country.

 First of all, it is worth mentioning that The Turkmen are descended from the ancient Iranian-speaking Massagetae referred to ancient Greek historian Herodotus as early as the VI century BC. As well, Turkmens are the ancestors of all the Turkic-speaking tribes, therefore, just like other Central Asian nations, they have mentained for a long time the shutterstock_162723809_velirinadivision into tribes and clans, where every given tribe has its own traditions, cuisine and even lifestyle.

 If you want to marry a local, you need to know that Turkmenistan aproved in 2001 a very specific law: “Before you enter into a legal marriage with Turkmen citizens, foreigners or stateless persons have to pay to the account of the Turkmen State Insurance Organization an astronomical amount of money – $ 50 thousand . As stated in the document – “in order to provide a guarantee for minor children in case of divorce.” “On the state kalym” The decision was later reversed by the new president in 2007.

shutterstock_67033138_cartelaAnother interesting fact about a Turkmen wedding is the jewellery, the largest amount of silver jewellery in the world is worn by the Turkmen brides.

Ashgabat operates the world’s only Museum of Turkmen Carpet. One of the most valuable relics of the museum is created in 1941-1942 giant-carpet “Turkmen Kalba” (Turkmen Soul), an area of 193.5 square meters

And finally, the fourth giant-carpet as big as 301 square meters and a weight of 1 ton and 200 kilograms was woven in 2001. The Masterpiece is included in the Guinness Book of Records as the largest handmade carpet in the world.

shutterstock_48230656_velirinaAkhalteke is a national breed of horses and it is submitted to the State Emblem of Turkmenistan and banknotes. This breed of horses is considered one of the most pure and royal, and a cost of an Akhalteke can easily reach up to $ 3 millions.

One of the most important cities of the antiquity, Merv that was located in Turkmenistan, was an important node in the. Here lived and worked Omar Khayyam, al-Samani, Imamad din-Isfahani and other great thinkers of the Middle Ages. The chroniclers called it the mother city of Khorasan and the city where the Universe rests.

Unfortunately, in 1221, after the barbaric invasion of the Mongols, shutterstock_66911521_a_shMerv was razed to the ground. Its ruins have become sacred, and received the name of Ancient Merv or Old Merv. Today Merv is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List as the best-preserved ancient center of the Great Silk Road.

Ashgabat – one of the hottest cities in the world, available in the summer the temperature is above +45 ° C. Precipitation is 199 mm a year, summer precipitation is not seen. Winter is brief, but strong invasions of arctic air from the north sometimes frosts below +10 ° C.

 We really  think you should be already convinced to visit Turkmenistan, after all, it’s better one time to see, than 10 time to read!

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