January 29, 2020

How to survive vegan in a country of meat lovers.

We’ll tell you about how can vegans survive in Kyrgyzstan, where can they eat and what provocations it is better not to give in to.

Before you go to Kyrgyzstan, you have probably searched the entire Internet, looking for information about this small, but full of contrasts and interesting country. And if you are a vegan, you, of course, stumbled upon information that Kyrgyzstan is a country of meat lovers.

Beef, lamb, chicken, sometimes pork (very rarely, since the main population of Kyrgyzstan is Muslims) and even, HORSE MEAT (“oh my God”) – the country is simply full of all these types of meat and dishes, which include it. This is a real nightmare for vegan travel!

So what should the vegans who are madly wanting to visit this beautiful country of Kyrgyzstan do? Do they have to give up their trip to Kyrgyzstan or carry all the necessary products with them, which is very impractical?

We hasten to inform you that in reality, everything is not as scary as it might seem at first glance. Yes, Kyrgyzstan is really a country of meat lovers and all traditional dishes contain this ingredient. But Kyrgyzstan also has vegetarian food abounds with vegetables and fruits, especially from mid-spring till mid-autumn. Fruits, vegetables and other greens here are not only tasty and healthy but also ridiculously cheap sometimes.

You can also easily find your favorite cereals and nuts, walnuts are especially popular in Kyrgyzstan.

Regarding guest houses and hotels, in almost all guest houses, the hosts 

are ready to host vegans. In some places, vegan menus already exist, and if you got into place, where they do not have it, you can always ask to cook you a dish without meat, eggs or products containing milk. Do not forget that Kyrgyzstan is a very hospitable country the inhabitants of which will always try to take into account all your wishes.

And still be careful, some people will definitely want to treat you with meat, referring to the fact that you, apparently, just did not try good meat, and in Kyrgyzstan, it is the best, so you simply have to try it. Do not succumb to provocations. And also, you are advised not to attend large-scale traditional events, such as weddings, for example, almost all dishes at such events contain meat and it is unlikely that they will prepare dishes without meat for you separately.

But in general, even though the residents of Kyrgyzstan reeeeeeeeaaallyy love meat, the country is moving in a vegan-friendly direction and you can come here for sure.

If you are a vegan and have already arrived in Bishkek, but don’t know where to go to eat, then we have specially prepared for you a little vegan travel guide.

Noot’n’roll – healthy fast food – does it exist? Yes! If it is prepared by those who care about their health. In the burgers from Noot’n’roll, you won’t find factory mayonnaise, flavor enhancers or fried potatoes. But there are fresh natural chickpea cutlets, homemade sauces, fresh herbs and all this with delicious, yeast-free bread.

Baan Baan Thai Cafe – a very cozy place specializing in Thai cuisine. Both meat lovers and vegans are always welcome there.

If you want to not only have a tasty meal but also try something from traditional cuisine, drop by Lagman Center “As-Kazan” and ask to cook you a lagman without meat. You will like it for sure!

One of the most popular places in Bishkek Bublik also has a vegan menu. You can also order a vegan burger at Torro or Mad Food. And do not forget to try a vegan pizza at Dolce Vita Pizzeria.

If you prefer to cook yourself, you’ll find all the needed ingredients at Ecoland or Ecolavka. And for coffee lovers – Craft has an alternative milk substitute.

Some people don’t like to eat alone and if you are such a person, here’s a link to the Telegram group chat where vegans and vegetarians of Bishkek are gathered: https://t.me/veganskg. They can also share insights and cool places that we may not have mentioned.

We hope you find this article helpful. If you have non-veterans friends who have arrived or are going to go to Bishkek and do not know where to eat, then we recommend you pay attention to the article in which we have collected the best places to eat in Bishkek.

Photos from sources: ucrazy.ru, in.news.yahoo.com , germania.one  kaktus.media.

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