December 28, 2021

How to save on travelling to Georgia? – Ten life hacks

Trip to Georgia: 10 life hacks that can save your money on your trip

Ten life hacks that will help you save on travel to Georgia but at the same time maintain the quality of your travel.

More and more people make the choice in favor of budget tourism in the modern world because saving on one trip, you can organize another. Georgia is known as an inexpensive country for tourism, but even here you can save if you know certain secrets.

1 Save on the road

Buy tickets in advance, preferably in a month or three. Keep track of discounts and special offers. Do not forget about the low-fires! Kutaisi Airport (Imereti region) accepts flights from low-cost airlines called WizzAir and UIA. You can get from Kutaisi to Tbilisi in four hours, it will cost less than 10$.

Public transportation in Georgia is cheap – around 20-35 cents per fare. Intercity rides by train, bus, and fixed-route taxis are also inexpensive – 1-10$, depending on the distance.

If you use the services of taxi drivers – bargain. Enterprising Georgian taxi drivers often make the price three times higher for tourists. You can ask a good-natured local resident to negotiate with a taxi driver at a reasonable price.

If you rent a car,do it online. 

As a rule, it turns out cheaper. Remember that the hitchhiking in Georgia is very good. It is common and quite safe. If this travel format is right for you, keep that in mind.

2 Cheap housing

Pay attention to affordable hostels and guesthouses. It is not only much cheaper than hotels but also more interesting. After all, a hostel is not only a place to sleep but also the opportunity to chat with interesting people, make new friends. Overnight in Georgian dormitories costs about 10$.

Use Couchsurfing and live for free at someone’s place. So you will not only save money but also really plunge into the culture and life of Georgians.

There are practically no campsites in Georgia, but if you like to travel with tents, this country is right for you. There are many convenient places both on the coast and in the mountains. It is convenient and safe enough.

3 Affordable communication

Do not overpay for roaming, local calls will be much cheaper. SIM cards cost about 2$, often they are handed out free of charge as part of promotions. A package of mobile services for a month (free calls, SMS, and the Internet) can be bought for 10$.

Use the internet connection. Almost all Georgian establishments have Wi-Fi, do not hesitate to ask for a password and go to the Network. In addition, the capital has a free network of “Tbilisi loves you”, which is enough to check the mail. If you need more, you can always buy a mobile modem for 20$.

4 You are your own guide

Use mobile apps with city guides to walk around the city – they can often replace a guide. If you like printed cards, you don’t have to buy them. A free map of the city with marked attractions can be obtained at the tourist information center, as well as at many travel agencies and hotels.

5 Currency issue

Do not your own currency with you – the exchange rate of dollars and euros to GEL is much more profitable.

In Georgia, there is no big difference where exactly to change money. The course at banks or private exchangers is practically the same. The same applies to the currency exchange at airports.

You can pay by card almost everywhere in Georgia. Use your card everywhere where it’s possible. So you will not lose money on cashing and currency exchange.

6 Get acquainted with Georgian cuisine not only in restaurants but also in ordinary cafes

The main indicator of a standing institution is the number of people inside. If it’s crowded there then it’s necessarily delicious. And let the low price tag not scare you – this is far from always an indicator of mediocre quality.

Pastries are chic in Georgia. There are a lot of points around the city where take-away khachapuri are sold for ridiculous money. And believe us – there is nothing tastier than the hot puri bread that you just got from the tone. And it costs only 25 cents and is sold on every corner.

7 Drink homemade wine

Bottled wine in Georgia is also excellent, but homemade Georgian wine is often not inferior in quality but costs much cheaper. Almost every restaurant, winery or liquor store has its own homemade wine. And everywhere you can ask to try it. Don’t forget about wine tasting in Georgia (degustation) too, most of the time it can even be free.

8 Don’t act like a stereotypical tourist

Many gifts can be bought not in souvenir shops at exorbitant prices, but in ordinary stores or Tbilisi markets. For example, tkemali and satsebel sauces are sold in ordinary supermarkets. Spices and Georgian tea are also better to buy by weight in the market.

9 Do not buy drinking water

In Georgia, you can safely drink tap water. And if you still prefer to buy it, then make a choice in favor of the famous mineral waters of Georgia.

10 And the last life hack:  friends, be polite and look at the world with a smile. A good person is always pleased to make a discount. It happens that even a taxi driver will bring for free or the waiter will bring treats from the chef just to make you happy. This is Georgia after all!

We hope you found our article helpful. Travel with us and learn more about Georgia!  
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