September 28, 2015

How to Find the Best Ski Resort for Your Winter Vacation in Georgia

Gudauri-ski-resort-in-GeorgiaGeorgia’s reputation as a fantastic country to visit for beautiful scenery, a flamboyantly hospitable culture, and good food is not an exaggeration. If you like meeting people, talking for hours, and eating good food, a vacation in Georgia is just what the doctor ordered. What you may not know is that the country of Georgia is also a great vacation destination for wintertime sports lovers, particularly skiers. You athletes looking for solid Georgia vacation ideas want to take a look at Georgia’s ski resorts. Large mountain ranges dominate the country in the north, south, and center. The Caucasus Mountains take up the north and the Lesser Caucasus, the middle and south. The highest point is 5,047 meters tall, Mt. Kazbek. The greatest part about the ski resorts scattered across Georgia is that they are nowhere near as crowded as the famed Alps where many people choose to ski, prices are a fraction of
the cost, and the skiing conditions are superb. Here are a list of 5 Georgia ski 62-zura_2008_4_0050resorts that I hope will help you as you plan out your vacation in Georgia.


  1. Gudauri Ski Resort, Georgia

Gudauri is by far the most popular of all Georgia’s ski resorts. It is just 120 kilometers from Tbilisi, making it one of the most convenient Georgia vacation destinations for those coming from the capital. It contains a total of 7 ski lifts and 57 kilometers of skiable slopes. Novice skiers and professional alike can find something up their alley at Gudauri. About 20 km of track are easy, 25 are intermediate, and 10 are difficult. Heli-skiing, freeriding, and cross-country are all options here for your vacation in b980585fGeorgia.

  1. Betania Ski Resort, Georgia

Betania is a tiny little ski resort located just 18 kilometers from Tbilisi. With just near a kilometer of track, this cozy little resort is perfect for families with children that want to enjoy a leisurely day of skiing before they head out on the rest of their tour around Georgia. While Betania has plans for expansion, they just opened a couple years ago with 1 ski lift and track for novice and intermediate skiers.

  1. Bakuriani Ski Resort, Georgia

Bakuriani, a small alpine village, is located 220 kilometers from Tbilisi. The atmosphere of this village is very snow_sport_190612relaxing as it is set apart in its own little world in the mountains. Bakuriani Ski Resort contains 16 kilometers of track, 4.5 kilometers for beginners, 7 for intermediate skiers, and 4 for advanced skiers. This ski resort was originally built as an Olympic training facility and is currently under expansion due to its popularity. Several more lifts and hotels are being added for tourists to make their tour in Georgia more comfortable. Cross-country skiing and snowmobiling are both favorites with visitors here.

  1. Goderdzi Ski Resort, Georgia

Goderdzi is located 100 kilometers from Batumi and contains 8 kilometers of track with slopes for all levels of skiers. It also currently has 2 ski lifts. This is yet another expanding resort as skiing in Georgia is becoming increasing gudauri_ski_resortpopular. Plans are in place for this resort to expand to include 35 kilometers of track and 4 additional ski lifts. This is a good Georgia vacation destination for those that want to avoid the larger crowds at Gudauri while still having a reasonable amount a track to tackle.

  1. Mestia Ski Resort, Georgia

Mestia is in northwestern Georgia about 400 kilometers from the capital. It has 2 ski lifts, 15 kilometers of track and offers both snowmobiling and heli-skiing. Mestia is a small highland town and contains several medieval monuments, making it a great place for history lovers that would also like to include visits to some ancient churches and forts during their ski vacation in Georgia.


Make sure you take advantage of skiing in Georgia while the crowds are few! Consider even touring Georgia via ski resorts. Who says you have to stay in one place? See the country as you hop from one to the other and get a taste of everything Georgia has to offer in one long winter vacation. Not only will you get in some great skiing, but add to that Georgia’s unmistakable personality, delicious food, and hospitable people and you have got a vacation destination that will exceed your expectations. Photos from source:,,,,,

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