February 19, 2020

Holidays at the Caspian Sea in Kazakhstan: all you need to know

All you need to know about how to get to the Caspian Sea in Kazakhstan. Learn more about the features of relaxation, the climate, and nature there.

The Caspian Sea has no access to the ocean and according to geographical canons should be called a lake. It is the largest closed lake in the globe, which is located between Europe and Asia.  It received its name in the middle of the 16th century on behalf of the Caspian people who lived in the Caucasus. The climatic conditions of this sea combined with the nature of the coast are purely marine, which determines the possibility of a wonderful holiday there.

Here you can not only have a wonderful time but also improve your health. 

The shores of the Caspian Sea have always been famous for healing mud

 and mineral waters.

Rest on the beach, hunting and fishing, rafting and kiting, various hiking trips will not let you get bored, they will give you a 

feeling of peace, complete merging with nature. National shrines on the shores of the lake are suitable for lovers of a relaxing pastime, an understanding of the secrets of ancient settlements.

In the resorts of Kazakhstan are quite budget prices for vacations, excellent sandy beaches, many hotels and resorts for every taste and pocket. Despite the many lakes scattered throughout the country, the main resort area is located on the coast of the Caspian Sea.

The climate at the Caspian Sea

A trip to the Caspian Sea is, first of all, a beach holiday. On the coast, relaxation by the water is available from May to the end of September. The hottest period is the calendar summer, in July-August, the average daytime temperatures are 31 degrees, at night the temperature drops slightly up to plus 27. Bathing will be most comfortable from June, during the summer months the water in the lake warms up to 23 degrees. Precipitation in summer, as well as throughout the year, is unlikely.

How to get to Aktau? By plane or by train.

Aktau Airport is located 30 kilometers from the city. It accepts domestic flights from Astana or Atyrau, as well as aircraft from other countries. The easiest way to get from the airport to the city is by taxi.

There is no train station in Aktau. The nearest platform is in Mangistau, which is seven kilometers from the resort.

Features of rest

Resorts on the Caspian Sea are famous for their excellent sandy beaches, natural mineral springs, healing mud, a large number of sunny days throughout the year. It must be said that the coast of the Caspian Sea captures five countries, but Kazakhstan was the longest coastline.

Aktau resort is located on the shore of the Caspian Sea, however, you can’t say about it that it is green and shines with gardens and parks, as it happens in coastal cities. The fact is that there are a very sultry summer and an arid climate, which does not allow to plant a lot of vegetation. But here are great beaches that attract tourists.

Fort Shevchenko Resort is a small town located on the Mangyshlak Peninsula. This is a fairly large port of the Caspian Sea, where there are designated areas for beaches.

Kuryke resort is a small village in the Mangistau region, located 70 kilometers from Aktau. There are few tourists who come for a beach holiday on the shores of the Caspian Sea since this settlement is primarily engaged in oil production. But still, there are small beaches for swimming here, therefore, if you want to relax cheaply on the sea in Kazakhstan, then here you are. In addition, near Kuryke there are rich deposits of healing mud and a healing thermal mineral spring.

How much does it cost to relax in the Caspian in Kazakhstan?

According to the rating of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Kazakhstan, beach vacations in Aktau are among the top 50 best tourist destinations of the country. Tourist areas on the Caspian coast have the potential for development, this place can even become Kazakhstan’s Antalya, but they still have a long way to go.

Free is probably bad
The regional center of the Mangistau region, Aktau, is located on the Caspian coast. Most of the micro districts are located within walking distance from the sea, but most local residents prefer not to use city beaches. The main reason is the lack of infrastructure and basic amenities.

Entertainment in the city
Arriving on vacation, most people rely on interesting leisure time  museums, art galleries, fun parties and, of course, sea activities if the coastal city is chosen as the vacation destination.

Aktau can offer its guests a boat trip along the coast of the city. The price of this entertainment is very affordable  about 1000 tenge per person. Richer people can afford to rent a yacht  from 35 thousand tenge per hour.

Sea Tram Walk

In the city, you can try wakeboarding on a winch. This will cost a tourist about 2000 tenge in 10 minutes. Or rent a Sup (an inflatable board with an oar) for about 3000 tenge per hour.

Inflatable boat ride
The city has a beautiful promenade. True, walking on it is better in the evening or at night. There are no awnings, it is almost impossible to find a shadow, and under the scorching sun of the west, it is easy to receive a sunstroke.

Comfortable things need to be paid
There are four paid beaches in Aktau. Two of them are in the city, two  in 10-15 minutes from the regional center. They will have to be reached by taxi since public transport does not go there. The road will cost 500 tenge one way.

Paid beach in Aktau

The entrance to the beaches is free. However, in order to use a deck chair, umbrella, and other amenities, you have to pay  from 1000 tenge. There are cafes on the beaches, there are showers and toilets. Food and drinks can be brought with you.

Private owners are engaged in leisure activities here. They offer to ride a banana, you can rent a jet ski. For pleasure, you will have to pay from 1,500 to 5,000 tenge in 10 minutes.

We hope you find this article helpful. If you want to know about places in Kazakhstan in addition to the Caspian Sea where you can relax, we recommend you to pay attention to our section, which is called Tours to Kazakhstan. You will surely find a suitable option for yourself.

Photos from sources: interesnie-fakty.ru, fotokto.ru, pikabu.ru

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