Tour Program


Start of our tour to the Jeti-Oguz gorge. We will have the opportunity to stop in yurts and taste the national cuisine. This mountain valley is formed by the river of the same name (Jeti Oguz), goes down to the Issyk-Kul from the northern slopes of Terskey Ala-Too. It’s known by a resort, located in a valley at an altitude of 2200 m. The resort is created on the basis of hot sulfurous waters, the healing power of which has been known since ancient times.

The surroundings of the resort are very picturesque. Especially popular are the rock bands “Broken Heart” and “Seven bulls”, located in the part of low-mountain ridge, folded Tertiary (Paleogene) red deposits, it is an ancient settlement that housed rate Usun ruler.
Huge dark green areas of spruce forest on the slopes of the mountains of red sandstone create a beautiful contrast impression. Behind the gorge, where begins Jeti-Oguz canyon, is located a beautiful place Kok Dzhayik and a waterfall “Maiden Spit”, very popular among tourists.

On the top of the valley there is a big wall with a beautiful double top Oguz Bashi (Ox’s head), 5170 meters of height. This summit is compared with the beauty of the Swiss Alps – Mount Jungfrau.

Itinerary: Karakol – Jeti-Oguz resort- valley of flowers-seventh bridge – under the peak Oguz-Bashy

Length: 100-160 km