Tour Program


This program will open the way for you to enjoy the beauties of the Tien Shan mountains, give you a chance to get acquainted with the central part of the city of Almaty, and will allow you to visit one of the most beautiful places near the city – Big Almaty Lake.


The first part of the tour takes place in the center of Almaty and includes a sufficient number of places of interest. A walk here will give you a chance to see the old buildings of the city and the cathedrals that have been saturated with history, take a walk through the famous Almaty park and city squares, not inferior to the park in its grandeur. The program also includes a climb to Mount Kok-Tobe, which offers a stunning view!


The second part of the tour will allow you to get acquainted with the nature of the Tien Shan – by driving along a winding mountain road, amazing in its views, you will rise above 2500 meters above sea level and make a trip to the Big Almaty Lake – one of the main natural attractions of Kazakhstan.


In order to add another splendor to the day, lunch was added to the program on the way to the Big Almaty Lake, as well as tea or coffee (one of your choice) on the observation deck by the lake.


IMPORTANT: all transfers during the tour are made by taxi (Yandex). The cost of taxi services is included in the price of the tour.