Tour Program


This program will open for you not only the central part of the city, but also the beauty that is located very close to it: Medeo Gorge, where you can visit the sports complex of the same name and the Chimbulak ski resort.


The first part of the tour will be held in the center of Almaty and includes a certain number of attractions. A walk here will show you the old buildings of the city and the cathedrals that have been standing here for a long time, take a walk through the Almaty park and the squares of the city that are not inferior to the park in its wonderful appearance. The program also added a climb to Mount Kok-Tobe, which offers a magnificent landscape!


The second part of the tour will give you a meeting with the world’s largest alpine complex for winter sports – Medeo. Here you can go ice skating, make memorable photos with a falcon, dressing in national clothes, or in the usual way take a walk within the complex. Above Medeo is the Chimbulak ski resort, which is lifted by a cable car. In addition, to release adrenaline on the funicular, you can climb on a cabin with a glass bottom!


In order to make the day even more memorable, the program includes lunch in a chic restaurant in Medeo complex, as well as tea, coffee or mulled wine (one of your choice) in the Chimbulak ski resort.


IMPORTANT: all transfers during the tour are made by taxi (Yandex). The cost of taxi services is included in the price of the tour.