Silk Road Explore Affiliate Program

unique offers, stable payments, bonuses to participants

Just posting on your blog or website a link or banner for our tours, you will get your comission from our tours sales. Let's help your readers to travel and discover the Great Silk Road!
Benefits for Travel website and Bloggers
Widest choice of Great Silk Road package tours and services
The programs that we offer are suitable for clients of all ages. A wide range of activities - from easy trips to extreme vacations. We offer programs with open and fixed dates, as well as guaranteed tours.
Stable Income
Your profit depends on the cost of tourist services. We give you 1% -3% of the tour price. Your average commission will be 35-45 USD.
A wide selection of promotional tools
There is a convenient set of Landings and banners, among which you can choose the most appropriate for your site and your audience.
Track your performances
In your private Partner account you will be given complete information about the conversion statistics, the amount of conversion and rewards in real time.
Convenient withdrawal of earned money
You can always contact your personal manager regarding the most convenient withdrawal of your earned money.
Customer Service 24/7
If you have any questions contact us and we will answer you as soon as possible.
Who can become our Partner?
Authors of blogs
about traveling
Owners of tourism and traveling websites
Owners of social
network accounts
How does the Silk Road Explore
affiliate program work?
You register on Silk Road
Explore website
You post banners and links
on your website
You earn money
from sales
Accounting of users who have come to from Partner’s website (by link) is done using the
personal identification number of Partner (aid) and based on cookie files, installed in browsers.
How much will you earn with Silk Road Explore?
We offer 1% - 3% of the tour price, which is on the average 30 USD to 45 USD from each new customer. The more conversions from your website result in actual sales, the higher your income! The average cost of the popular Silk Road Explore tours is 1800 USD. Your income from each sale of this tour to one client - 54 USD!

And most customers buy our tours for two or more people.

1 800 USD
Average tour cost (2 pers)
120 USD
Your commission
21 600 USD
Average group tour
cost (12 pers)
1 540 USD
Your commission
For every 10th purchase!
Promotional Tools of Silk Road Explore
We offer a wide range of promotional tools, among which you will find banners, text links and Landings.

Moreover, you can order a personalized banner

We will be glad to see you among our partners!
Complete the registration on our website
The entry info to your personal account and Partners ID will be sent to your e-mail.
Choose the appropriate promotional tools and tours, place them on your website
Get Your Income!
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