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Boating & Boat Rentals in Kyrgyzstan

Amidst Kyrgyzstan’s never-ending mountains, there are thousands of lakes and rivers the spot and weave through the country, making Kyrgyzstan the most vibrant of all the Central Asian countries.  One can’t visit Kyrgyzstan without visiting at least some of its alpine lakes which can range from either remote and tiny to large tourist attractions.  Some of these lakes offer excellent boating opportunities to travelers that shouldn’t be missed during their tour of Kyrgyzstan.


During a riverwalk boat tour, boating in Kyrgyzstan will usually involve the rental of anything ranging from a rowboat to a motorboat to a tugboat to a small yacht.  Rides can last anywhere from one to two hours.  There are no limitations on the age of passengers.


Boat rentals are available from April to October.


The most popular lake for boat rides in Kyrgyzstan is Lake Issyk Kul, the country’s largest lake.  Lake Issyk Kul has lots of boating options and provides an expansive body of water to enjoy them on.  Other popular boating destinations in Kyrgyzstan include Lake Song Kul, Sary Chelek, and Kel Suu

Lake Song Kul and Sary Chelek are fairly isolated lakes, but ones that still see a decent number of visitors in the warmer months.  Both are popular boating destinations in Kyrgyzstan due to their unmatched beauty. Lake Song Kul is located amongst high mountain pasturelands that are commonly used by nomadic herders in the summer.  Lake Sary Chelek is one of seven lakes in a biosphere reserve, so the environment around the lake is pristine!

Lake Kel Suu is an extremely remote lake close to the Chinese border not visited by many.  However, its mysterious, untouched atmosphere makes it an excellent boating destination; its many nooks, crannies, and caves that can only be fully explored by boat.

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Excursion to Issyk-Kul Lake

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Cultural Tourism in Kyrgyzstan - Culinary Tour

The Kyrgyz Republic is a multinational and multicultural country. Over 80 nations and ethnic groups live here, they differ in number, language, religion, and culture: Uzbeks, Tajiks, Russian ...

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Fixed dates
Fixed dates for 2020:
07/22/2020 - 07/26/2020
08/14/2020 - 08/18/2020

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Kyrgyzstan is a small mountainous country in Central Asia where mountains cover 93% of the landscape. People have been inhabiting the mountains of Kyrgyzstan silk road for thousands of years ...

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Holiday Excursions to Kyrgyzstan silk road: 9 days

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Price from 1320 USD to 1620 USD per person (the price depends on a group size). The price 1320 USD per person is available for groups of 6 people.
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Lake Issyk Kul Wonders

This trip takes you to several destinations located all around Lake Issyk Kul, the world’s second largest alpine lake (6,236 km²): Chon Kemin, Cholpon Ata, Karakol, Altyn Arashan, and Tamga. ...

The price depends on a group size. The price 1150 USD per person is available for groups of 4 people.
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Sightseeing Trip to Kyrgyzstan: North & South

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Nomad’s Land and Culture

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The price depends on a group size. The price 2550 USD per person is available for groups of 4 people.
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