What is
We are a company that provides information about Kyrgyzstan to travelers as well as the various tours offered throughout the country. We are a platform for connecting travelers directly with local tour operators and providing secure methods of payment.
We want to promote tourism in Kyrgyzstan by creating a “one-stop-shop” that allows travelers to see all the tour opportunities available to them when planning a trip to Kyrgyzstan and Central Asia.
We’ve found that not many people know about Kyrgyzstan and Central Asia or the opportunities it holds for tourism. We at Silk Road Explore truly love and are proud of the country we live in. Its beauty is beyond compare, our culture and traditions are unique and meaningful, and we have an ancient Silk Road heritage. Unfortunately, not many people know about Kyrgyzstan’s gorgeous setting, nomadic culture, or rich history. This is what we’d like to change.

Secondly, Kyrgyzstan is a cash-based society and travelers are often weary doing business with local companies via wire transfer or other means of payment that do not protect against fraudulent activity. Seeing this problem, we’ve created a way for travelers to pay for tours via Visa and MasterCard so they can receive protection for their money. Silk Road Explore is one of the only places in Kyrgyzstan and Central Asia that offers secure online credit card transactions.
Here at Silk Road Explore, we love what we do. We make an effort to find and display a variety of tours for people that enjoy a wide range of activities so that travelers can choose tours that are perfect for them. We genuinely want to see people relax and enjoy their time in our country so they can have the best vacation possible.

Who we are

Diana Komarova
Executive Director
She is involved in project development, partnerships and is responsible for the quality of our service. She is in love with the nature of Kyrgyzstan and inspired by the sunsets on the southern shore of Issyk-Kul Lake.
Tamara Mun
Strategic Manager
Tamara Mun is the strategic manager of Silk Road Explore. She is a relatively new member of our team, but very promising one. Tamara is passionate about meeting new people and learning about foreign cultures. She is always ready to help others to explore her home country as well.
Dinara Tashbaeva
Travel Consultant
Dinara is originally from Issyk-Kul region, Karakol. She believes her homeland to be the best place in the world with gorgeous nature and hospitable people. Dinara is fond of travelling as the best way to discover new places, cultures and historical heritage.
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Alina Akimbekova
Content manager
The building of intercultural bridges is her life's mission, that's why she tries to travel a lot as well as to host people from all over the world at her homeland. Alina is always ready to learn something new and to share her knowledge.
Vladimir Shebarshov
Web developer
He is engaged in technical support of the site and its development in general. Vladimir is interested in skiing - he is always ready to conquer new peaks and slopes of the Kyrgyz mountains. He also loves dogs a lot.