Trekking in the lakes of the Fann Mountains of Tajikistan

Travel Guide to Northern Tajikistan

North of Dushanbe lies the area of Sughd. Fixated on clamoring Khujand and secluded whatever is left of Tajikistan by the Zerafshan go, it has an unmistakable identity. The Sughd area represents 66% of the nation’s GDP and has nearer binds to Samarkand, Kokand, and Bukhara than to Dushanbe. It is the most prosperous and dynamic region of the nation.

However, outside of Penjikent and Khujand, there are as yet magnificent Mountain View, remote valleys, and minimal conventional villages.

Khujand and around

Khujand is greatly vivacious compared to Tajikistan’s moderate paced […]

Pamir Tajikistan

Pamir is a mountain range that most of its part is located in the northeastern part of Tajikistan. In case you fly over Pamir Tajikistan, it will appear as though you are in a movie because you see snow white tops, green valley, rows of mountain ridges, suspended glaciers and cracked Ice Rivers.

Tourism on Pamir

Pamir Tajikistan is a traditional tourist region and high altitude mountaineering. There two Pamir tops superbly ascend in the sky: the Peak of Eugenia Korzhenevskaya – 7,105 meters and the Peak of Ismail Samani (Communism) – 7,495 meters. They […]

The Pamir Mountains of Tajikistan

Mountains: strong, majestic, dominant, and mysterious. These titans of landscape have been the joy and frustration of climbers and trekkers everywhere for centuries. Mountains stand tall in their mystery and power and they defy anyone who would try to ascend their rocky heights. There’s hardly a feeling superior to when reaching the summit of one of these majestic formations. It’s as if you’ve conquered the world, and in doing so, have conquered something in yourself. Central Asia contains some of the most difficult mountain ranges in the world, including, of course, the infamous Mount Everest. But […]

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